Staxx Pallet Truck is a professional warehouse equipment manufacturer and pallet jack supplier in China.

Core Advantages

Staxx mhe is a electric powered pallet truck manufacturer and pallet jack supplier, which has focus on warehouse equipment manufacturing since 2012.

Staxx Pallet Jack supplier is the first one to have raised the concept of "handling equipment total cost", like warehouse equipment, lithium pallet jacks, powered pallet trucks, pallet stackers to the world. 
Staxx material handling
 factory launch models with five years warranty, to ensure that users receive high-quality products and services. Every single unit is guaranteed by Staxx pallet jack supplier's self-developed IoT platform and quality management system.


Main products

Staxx Pallet Truck Manufacturer provides one-stop warehouse equipment, such as logistics powered pallet truck and electric pallet stacker products.

Staxx mhe supplier hope to offer the best support for our main products such as lithium pallet jacks, electric pallet truck and pallet stacker, we are hoping to have win-win cooperation with internet distributors.

If you are finding a professional pallet jack manufacturer in China, Staxx pallet truck company is a good choice for you, we are looking forward to cooperating with you.

Electric powered pallet truck Lithium ion pallet jack 

★ Built to work 24 works
★ Maintenance so easy
★ Patented Electric Pallet Truck Products
★ Unique Smart Function


Pallet stackers PWS10SS

★ Patented Multi-function intelligent handle
★ Vehicle working status displaying
★ Quick Error detecting
★ All maintenance information visualized

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