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Lithium Ion Pallet Jack

Lithium Ion Pallet Jack

Staxx lithium pallet jacks/ battery pallet jack supplier


Staxx LITHIUM-ION Pallet Jack manufacturer

Staxx lithium pallet truck has compact size and powerful performance

Staxx Lithium Ion Pallet Jack & Battery Powered Pallet Jack

sTAXx-lithium ionI

lithium ion pallet jacks ARE BORN FOR DEMANDS

As a new branch of the light-duty pallet truck tier, the Staxx lithium pallet truck and battery powered pallet jack was made for the call of the times.


We used to operate the hand pallet trucks that have a capacity of 2500 kg, but two adults can hardly push or pull it. A daily load of more than 500kg and an operating time longer than 3 hours could be harmful to the operator’s health in the long term. But now can move 2500 kg of goods one time alone without any harmful impaction, by using our battery pallet jack.


Some customers have diverted their attention to a 1500 kg pallet truck with an AGM battery from 2013. It was a revolutionary product that created a new market segmentation - to liberate people from heavy daily work and hit the heart of end-users quickly, with the total cost and compact size.

Although the 1500kg battery pallet jack with AGM is very popular and grabbed a lot of market share, its complicated service requirements and relatively high cost didn’t continue to enlarge the product impact and penetrate into the heavy-duty pallet truck market. Warehouse pallet truck users with intense work are still looking for something easy, small, and powerful while labor costs are increasing yearly.


Now here we are! A true friend who helps you out of the dilemma. The lithium ion pallet jack is the right product with a target budget and is easy to operate. The lithium pallet jack of Staxx pallet truck manufacturer has a compact size and powerful performance. With a similar size to a hand pallet truck and upright driving, our battery powered pallet jack could be used in the narrow aisle. Your body will be liberated from long-term occupational hazards while a lithium ion battery powers the pallet truck. And the easy after-service will lower the total cost of using our lithium pallet truck.


SAFETY lithium pallet jack

Staxx battery pallet jack/ lithium ion pallet jack-- more safety more reliability

High Quality Staxx Lithium Pallet Truck Manufacturer



As a new product, all the main components of the lithium pallet jack require an endurance test. For instance, the drive unit, hydraulic unit, battery, charger, etc.


With components after complete testing, the lithium pallet truck needs to go through a compatibility test. A good battery pallet truck is not made of an assembly of expensive components. A small thing in one component could trigger the butterfly effect which makes hard work in vain. Staxx pallet truck manufacturer has been working on solving invisible problems caused by compatibility.


Control production processing is the key to a good product. We make a full inspection of the main components before assembling them. And we have a final test of physical and performance specifications after assembling.


By the means of collecting customer feedback and debugging the main components, we keep improving lithium ion pallet jack from all aspects.

Battery Pallet Jack/ Lithium Pallet Jacks Manufacturer


LITHIUM ION BATTERY for pallet jack

Lithium battery for electric pallet trucks is not new to us, from being applicated in cellphone battery in the first decade to massive application on vehicles in the last ten years. The fast-growing electric car market urges technical support on lithium batteries, especially on battery security and performance.


For our industry, a pallet truck with a lithium battery has been a good example of usage in daily work for the last decade. The lithium battery pallet truck can date back to the CITI truck which is designed for uneven floors. The total cost of a CITI truck is relatively high and not very attractive for indoor users. In thus, the massive usage of lithium battery on pallet trucks has pressed the pause button for a while.


Compared to AGM battery, lithium battery doesn’t have a memory effect. Therefore you may charge the lithium pallet jacks to 100%, and use the pallet truck immediately. Meanwhile, it is convenient for battery replacement which makes shifts with two batteries possible, for intense work, and conditions hard for charging.

safety battery  

safety lithium battery pallet jack

We have considered all your concerns for belowing situation.


STAXX lithium ion pallet Truck

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