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Custom Staxx Lithium Electric Pallet Trucks Supplier EPT15H/20H

Custom Staxx Lithium Electric Pallet Trucks Supplier EPT15H/20H
DC Brushless 0. 75KW/1.0 Driving Motor,2000kg,lithium pallet truck Size:550/685*1150/1220mm
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30% advance payment, 70% balance payment paid within 15 days against B/L date
Delivery Time
45 days
Port of loading
Ningbo, China
CE certificate

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In the logistics industry, the lithium pallet truck plays a vital role in the movement of goods. These warehouse equipment are often overlooked, but they are essential for ensuring that products reach their destination safely and on time. STAXX EPT15H electric pallet jack is designed to make lifting and moving pallets quick and easy. With a powerful motor and ergonomic design, our lithium pallet truck is perfect for any warehouse environment.


Staxx ept15h lithium electric pallet truck are designed to accommodate a wide range of warehousing and material handling. Our motorized pallet truck with the features of easy to operate, reliable, economical, practical, and cost-effective. Easy maintenance, most parts maintenance is similar to a hand pallet truck, Staxx electric pallet truck are powerful tools for logistics and transportation with a compact body, that can be applicable to any tight place. 


◆ Five years warranty on chassis
◆ 6 seconds needed to remove the battery
◆ Gradeability with 1500/2000kgs load: 6%
◆ With a brake, the vehicle can stop anywhere, any time, regardless on
◆ Battery-operated pallet jack work on the slope, truck tail lift or platform.
◆ Up-Right driving 

Staxx lithium pallet jack 

A lithium pallet jack or lithium pallet truck is an electric-powered pallet jack that uses a lithium-ion battery to operate. The lithium-ion battery provides power to an electric motor, which drives the wheels of the pallet jack and allows it to move pallets of goods around a warehouse or other industrial setting.


Lithium pallet jacks have several advantages over traditional pallet jacks that use lead-acid batteries. One of the main advantages is longer battery life, which allows for longer operating times between charges. Lithium-ion batteries also have a shorter charging time than lead-acid batteries, which means less downtime for the pallet jack.


In addition, lithium pallet jacks are generally more maneuverable and efficient due to the lighter weight and smaller size of lithium-ion batteries. They also have a longer overall lifespan and require less maintenance than traditional pallet jacks.


Lithium pallet jacks are commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial settings to move and transport pallets of goods quickly and efficiently. They are an excellent alternative to traditional pallet jacks for businesses looking to improve their efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Traveling speed

-  Staxx ept15h lithium pallet trucks UNLADEN    4.5Km/h (3.1mph)

+ LADEN  4Km/h Full Electric (2.5mph)   3.5Km/h Semi-Electric (2.2mph)


Pay A Little More

difference between electric pallet truck and hand pallet jacks


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