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Manual & Semi-electric Stackers

Manual & semi electric stackers are the main product of Staxx manual stackers supplier. Our semi electric pallet stacker is diverse in variety and closely following the market trend, Staxx uses advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology to produce semi electric stackers and manual stackers and lithium pallet stackers. The product receives favours from the majority of customers for the high quality and favourable price. Staxx manual stackers manufacturer runs a complete and standardized customer service system to meet the various needs of customers. The one-stop service range covers from detailed information giving and consulting to return and exchange of semi electric pallet stacker products. This helps improve customer's satisfaction and support for the company.

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semi electric pallet stacker

Semi electric stackers are also indispensable machine in warehouse transportation, the difference between the all-electric stacker is the transmission. The semi electric pallet stacker has no transmission, only some basic load wheels and guide wheels. Therefore, the movement of the manual stackers needs to be driven by manpower. The lifting aspect is that the motor drives the hydraulic power to push the hydraulic cylinder to achieve boosting.


The main function of the semi-electric stackers is to lift and play, and most of them are used in operations that require a small range of motion, such as loading and unloading, warehouse stacking, and high-altitude reclaiming.


The advantages and disadvantage of the semi electric pallet stacker:
Advantages: simple operation, low price, wider application range, convenient maintenance and repair, and lower requirements for the width of the channel.
Disadvantage: Moving is laborious. Generally speaking, if the tonnage is large when moving, it needs two people to push and pull together to move. When the ground is uneven, it is more laborious, the safety factor is low, and the battery life is short, and it is not suitable for goods over 1 ton. The load-carrying capacity varies greatly with height. When ascending to the top, most manual stackers cannot carry the rated weight.


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