Staxx Pallet Truck is a professional warehouse equipment manufacturer and pallet jack supplier in China.

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Warehouse Equipment Company & Manufacturer In China
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Ningbo Staxx Material Handling Equipment Co., Ltd - a professional warehouse equipment company


Since the reorganization of the company in 2012, Staxx company officially entered the sector of manufacturing and distributing of warehouse equipment. Main products contain material handling equipment, electric stacker, electric pallet truck, hand pallet truck and lifting equipment.

Based on a self-owned factory, products, technology and management system, Staxx have formed a complete supplier system, and created a one-stop supplying platform, with over 500 dealers at home and abroad.

Company Profile

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“Make your job easier”. It is the understanding of products, cooperation and service throughout the company.Staxx warehouse equipment co products aim to make the users' job easier and less effort-taking. Its advanced internal management system ensures better service and collaboration for the dealers worldwide.


"Cooperation and win-win". Staxx warehouse equipment manufacturers' years of experience shows that only Cooperation and win-win can create a better future. We can develop only when our dealers grow bigger and stronger.


"People-oriented".Internal team is the biggest asset of Staxx warehouse equipment company. The development and success of the company is the result of workers’ efforts and commitment.

We have a professional sales team

warehouse equipment company with a professional team to innovate

We have a Professional after-sales service team

Staxx warehouse equipment co try our best to meet market demands constantly

We have a Professional management team

Staxx warehouse equipment manufacturers with self-owned factory and management system

We have a Professional R&D team

Staxx with complete supplier system, and created a one-stop supplying platform

We have a Professional manufacturing team

Staxx Lifting Equipment China Supplier And Manufacturer


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