Staxx Pallet Truck is a professional warehouse equipment manufacturer and pallet jack supplier in China.

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Staxx – Your One-Stop Shop for Purchasing Electric Pallet Trucks

Staxx – Your One-Stop Shop for Purchasing Electric Pallet Trucks


The e-commerce sector has massively erupted in the past few years. Online shopping has not only brought convenience to user's life, but people can find a wide variety of items sitting in their homes only. It is something that the in-shopping experience fails to offer.

However, while the e-commerce industry for sure has flourished, they also have to ensure that the products they offer remain stacked in their warehouses and storage rooms. For this, long and high piles of product stored boxes are stored and moved around.

Moving around and stacking up is made easy by the advancing technology. While there are plenty of machines in the market to do the job, finding the proper manufacturer can be challenging. If you are a firm that wants to buy some material handling equipment for their company, then look no further. At Staxx, we might have every machine you are in search of.

Staxx – The Leading Manufacturer for Handling Equipment

Staxx understands how crucial it is for retailers, wholesalers, and companies to carefully store and move hefty kilos of products. Hence, they ensure to manufacture machines that help you do such tasks and are of high quality.

An electrical pallet truck is one of our top machinery, which also happens to be the most famous and fastest-growing in the material handling industry.

Electric Pallet Truck, also known as Electric Pallet Jack or Power Pallet Jack, has made storing and moving objects in warehouses more convenient. While the machinery itself isn't new and dates back to 1918, what we see today are more modern versions of it. 

Staxx is one of the leading pallet truck suppliers in the country. With its accurate precisions in machinery to its long-lasting internal products, there is nothing which can go wrong with your buy. If you are someone willing to buy a power pallet jack, how about looking at some of ours?

 Motorized Rider Electric Pallet Truck RPT25/30

This motorized electric pallet truck is the best in business, without any doubt. Its capacity to hold 3000 kg of load and move it from one place to another with ease is not the only thing that makes it great.

This power pallet jack is designed with precision and is machine smart. It can detect height and work on its height limitations principles. Users can insert a limited height above stacked; the machine immediately stops to save energy and secure itself and the products placed. It also has a power drive motor and a design that ensures that it will last you long. 

The high efficiency working and the secured metal body also add up to why this power pallet jack should be your first choice. 


 Wholesale Semi Lithium Electric Pallet Truck

It is probably one of the most convenient electric pallet trucks to use. Not only is its maintenance simple, but it recharges on the battery itself. Hence, it will save you from the job of taking care of its battery life every now and then.

This is not what is all to it. The wholesale semi lithium power pallet jack has many other advantages. From its tendency to grade 2000 kg worth of items to its quick lifting pump option, all make it worth the buy.

However, the best feature definitely is its Lithium Pallet Jack with a brake. This feature allows the machine to stop at the given command despite of it being in any situation. So, it can stop on a smooth surface, a rough terrain, or even a slope. All it needs is one command to do so. 



Why Opting for Staxx Electric Pallet Trucks is the Best Option?

Though there are many other brands and companies that manufacture handling machinery similar to Staxx, several things make us different.

1. Understands the Consumer Demands

Staxx pallet truck supplier understands what the requirement at the other end of service is. The company is well aware of both the consumer demand and what features the market asks for. Hence, the company not only works on the best designs and precisions but keeps updating its product to evolve with the newer challenges and demands.

2. Top Quality Standards

Staxx pallet truck supplier strongly believes in delivering the best to its consumers. Hence, with the manufacture of each product, the company sends it through a trial and test process. Under the inspection of individuals and some devices, the machinery passes its trial and error test before it is deemed to be perfect for sale. Hence, with such vigorous testing, the users are assured that the machinery they will receive will be the best.

3. Manufacture of Core Products

The company not only manufactures the machine but is involved in its complete process. From the design to the manufacture of even the smallest part, everything is done by Staxx pallet truck supplierHence, the company is well aware of the mechanism of its products and its manufacture and maintenance procedures.

4. In-depth Co-operation

The company strongly believes in the fact that both the manufacturer and consumer should be on the same page. Hence, before finalizing any procedure, Staxx pallet truck supplier goes through a proper consultation process to discuss the consumers' marketing strategy and what they are looking for in a product.

This is to assure the user that what they are buying is worth their use and guide them towards better options.


The electric platter truck is one of the fastest-growing machinery that is used extensively in warehouses. Every company plans to or has invested in one. If you are a company that has a warehouse and want to make moving products inside easier, then we suggest taking a look at our website.

Not only will we provide you with quality handling machines, but we will also guide you to what your best buy can be. 

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