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Electric Pallet Truck Vs. Hand Pallet Truck

Electric Pallet Truck Vs. Hand Pallet Truck


Pallet trucks are one of a warehouse's most critical and must-have machines. These are the simplest types of forklifts and are suitable where the large forklifts do not fit. The pallet trucks are the best to have as warehouse lifting equipment. Because pallet trucks can work amazingly to keep everything in place and save time. The pallet jacks can enhance productivity and are worth investing in them.  

You will see two different kinds when you go to the market to purchase the pallet. One of the electric pallet trucks is the hand pallet jacks. So, people get confused about which one of the two is better. Hence, here is a guide that will help you figure out which of the two pallet jacks is perfect for you to buy.

Functions of Pallet Trucks

Before learning about the different types of pallet trucks, the following are the benefits you can get if you invest in either one of the pallets.

1. The pallets are perfect if you want something to enhance efficiency and save time. These pallet trucks will help you keep everything in its place quickly and save you a lot of workforces.

2. These trucks allow you to transport considerable weight in one go. Hence, it increases the productivity and efficiency of the work.

3. Using the pallet trucks also reduces the cases of injuries and risks. You will use a machine rather than physical exertion on the vast, heavy pallets. Hence, it saves the cost related to employee injury.

4. The best thing about these pallet trucks is that they are straightforward. They are not significant and perfect for manoeuvring around tight spaces. You can find so many different sizes, lengths, and even colors. Hence, all of this makes it a versatile machine in a warehouse.

What are Electric Pallet Trucks

Electric pallet jack trucks are the same as hand pallet trucks. However, electric trucks have the assistance of an electric motor. The electric motor moves the truck from one location to another and assists in fork movement. This implies you don't need to pull the handle or trigger to start the truck.

Different kinds of electric pallet trucks offer more features, such as horizontal and vertical movement of the forks. Fast speed, better visibility, easy controls, and so much more are also available in the latest electric trucks.

Pros of Electric Pallet Trucks

The following are pros of the electric pallet trucks:           

1. This type of truck reduces the stress and strain on the operator.

2. Since most of the work is done automatically, it helps to enhance the work's productivity.

3. This allows you to move the tall and heavy pallet effortlessly.

Cons of Electric Pallet Trucks

Some of the points mentioned below might be a turn-off for the people who want to purchase an electric pallet truck.

1. The electric pallet jack truck can be more expensive than the manual pallet.

2. The parts and the components of the electric pallet need more maintenance. Furthermore, the maintenance cost of this truck is also a lot more than the manual trucks.

3. The employees need to have proper training and practice before they can start working on the electric trucks.



What are Hand Pallet Trucks?

Hand pallet trucks are also called manual pallet trucks. These two-wheeled trolleys are designed to transport and lift heavy pallets from one place to another.

This machinery is known as the forklift because the two slots look like a fork. You will commonly find them in warehouses, stockrooms, and factories where pallets are usually used.

How does the Hand Pallet Truck works?

The working on the hand pallet trucks mainly depends on the hand pallet truck manufacturers. However, most of the manual pallets work with the lever. A lever is present at the back side of the jack. You'll need to put your hands on the level and pump it downwards. This motion will help you raise the prongs off the ground, and you can elevate the pallet to a higher level.

When you are done putting the things in their place, you can press the trigger on the handle, lowering the prongs to the ground. Now you can slide the prongs under the pallet and transport them from one place to another.

Pros of Hand Pallet Trucks

The benefits you can get from using the hand pallet trucks are mentioned below.

1. The manual pallet has low purchasing cost as well as low maintenance cost.

2. You can use this type of jack in almost all kinds and sizes of pallets.

3. You don't need a lot of training before using the hand pallet trucks. 

Cons of Hand Pallet Trucks

Below are some reasons you should not invest in a manual pallet truck.

1. Moving heavy and oversized pallets across the warehouse can be very challenging.

2. Injuries are common in this type of jack.

3. The manual pallet trucks limit the work that an employee can do.



Electric Pallet or Hand Pallet Truck- Which one is better?

After looking at both the trucks' pros and cons, you can see that both are good in their way. If you want something cheap that fulfils your work, then the hand pallet truck can be your option. Whereas, if you want something that will increase the company's efficiency, opt for the electric truck.


The pallet trucks can work wonders in warehouses and stockrooms. They can be one of the best tools to have for organization purposes. You can conveniently use them to stock up the heavy pallet and keep everything in order. Staxx is a warehouse lifting equipment manufacturer with a wide range of equipment you might be interested in buying. Hence, we hope this guide helped figure out the difference between the two pallet trucks.

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