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10 common faults and solutions of electric forklift mast

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-09
1. Serious oil leakage at the oil return pipe of the lifting cylinder and automatic lowering is mainly caused by the damage of the oil seal between the lifting cylinder and the piston rod. The solution is mainly to replace the corresponding oil seal, but in the implementation process, it should be noted that the staff often do not work according to methods and skills. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate the corresponding fixed ring of live-mouth hard iron skin, cover the oil seal, clamp it with pliers and send it to the cylinder, so as to prevent it from being wasted. The manufactured live-mouth skin can be used many times to save resources. 2. The lifting of the left and right piston rods is not synchronized. The problem is the expansion of the nylon guide sleeve between the two. The solution is to implement effective integration of the lint guide sleeve during the implementation process. According to the hacksaw, the lint guide sleeve is cut by three millimeters to encourage it to have a certain opening gap to ensure its expansion value. During the application process There is no problem. 3. No lift, no direction. The factors for this problem are imperfect hydraulic oil, pollutants in it, and broken hydraulic oil filter. To solve the first two problems of this form of the main program, new hydraulic oil can be replaced in time. For the latter problem, the effective filter can be replaced in time. These solutions mainly show the fundamental solution to the problem. More importantly, this kind of problem occurs in the actual development process, indicating that the hydraulic system is clogged. It cannot be fundamentally based on replacing the new hydraulic oil. In order to solve the problem, more cleaning work on the multi-way reversing valve is needed, so as to fundamentally eliminate the problem. 4. The steering wheel is not flexible when turning the steering wheel. The reason for this problem is that the positioning reed of the steering gear is broken and the steering cylinder leaks. The solution is to rotate the direction on the spot, if the direction is too light, it can be clear that there is a problem with the positioning reed, and it is enough to replace it. If you feel that there is a certain amount of force when turning the steering wheel, but the steering wheel is very inflexible, and it can rotate three hundred and sixty degrees to the left or right, that is to say, there is a problem with the oil seal on the piston in the steering cylinder. This leads to internal leakage, and the oil seal needs to be replaced. 5. Vibration of the piston rod of the lifting cylinder during the lifting process should be judged as the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is not perfect, which causes the pressure of the hydraulic pump. After that, it is necessary to clarify that there is air in the hydraulic line to the piston section of the cylinder. The main solution to the problem is to increase the hydraulic oil. If it still fails to work normally, you need to loosen the oil return pipe of the lifting cylinder, and raise the cylinder to the top and then drop to the bottom. Repeat the operation to drain the hydraulic pipe. Air, in order to effectively solve the problem. 6. The lifting cylinder slides too fast during the shovel dropping process. The main problem is that the spring in the lifting cylinder speed limit valve is broken. The solution to the problem is to replace the spring in the speed limit valve or replace the speed limit valve to solve the problem. 7. The piston rod of the tilt cylinder automatically extends. The problem is that the piston seal is not sealed or has been worn out. The solution to the problem is to replace the tilt cylinder piston, and after guiding the sealing ring and dust ring on the sleeve, the automatic piston of the tilt cylinder, shaking, and oil leakage outside the guide sleeve can all be resolved. 8. The direction will feel too heavy during the process of directing on the spot. The problem is mainly due to the spool of the diverter valve or the imperfect pressure. The solution to the problem is to first adjust the pressure existing in the direction of the diverter valve management. If the obvious effect is to disassemble the diverter valve, effectively polish the valve core according to water sandpaper, and then coat the valve core with a certain amount of hydraulic oil on the valve body. Smooth adjustment in the middle, installation work can be carried out without valve jam, in order to effectively solve the problem. The solutions to these failures can not only effectively solve the problems existing in the operation of electric forklifts, but more importantly, regular maintenance of electric forklifts, regular inspection of the application status of its hydraulic oil, and timely replacement, so as to improve the application of hydraulic components life.
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