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10 points of attention for the use of diesel forklift engines to share with you

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-29
1. After a new machine or overhaul, the diesel lithium pallet truck diesel engine cannot be operated at full load and high speed from the beginning. It must be run in at low speed and light load for 50 hours before it can be transferred to normal operation. 2. Ensure that the fuel is clean, and filter it through sedimentation or silk cloth if necessary. 3. Ensure normal water temperature (70-80℃) and lubricating oil pressure (0.2-0.4MPa at medium speed). 4. If an abnormality is found during the operation of the diesel forklift, stop and check immediately. 5. It is not advisable to use 'hard water' as cooling water to prevent limescale and reduce the service life of diesel forklift engines. 6. Check whether the oil level of the lubricating oil in the oil pan is between the two engraved lines on the dipstick and is close to the upper engraved line. After the diesel engine of a new engine or a diesel forklift that has been out of service for a long time is filled with lubricating oil, it will stop after running at low speed for 5-10 minutes, and then measure the oil level with a dipstick. 7. Check the water volume of the radiator. 8. Check the lubricating oil level in the fuel injection pump of the diesel lithium pallet truck, and add it to the specified position if it is insufficient. 9. Eliminate the phenomenon of three leaks (oil, water, gas). 10.Check the sturdiness of diesel forklift parts and accessories.
Filling engine oil is a simple matter for anyone, but there are still a few things to pay attention to when filling engine oil.   1. It is strictly forbidden to mix engine oils with different labels.   In winter, if the equipment needs to replace the oil with a different label, you need to drain all the oil in the engine before adding the new label.  2. It is strictly forbidden to mix different brands of engine oil.   Different brands of engine oil will use different additive formulas, mixed use may produce chemical reactions, reduce the performance of the engine oil, and affect the normal operation of the engine.   3. Heat the engine and drain the oil.   Before replacing the old oil, the engine must be started and idling for a certain period of time to make the engine oil temperature close to the working temperature before replacing the old oil.   There may be many friends who don’t understand the oil discharge of the heat engine. In fact, it is because the fluidity of the heat engine oil can effectively clean the impurities attached to the surface of the body. The oil released by this method will effectively reduce the number of residual impurities in the engine, reduce engine wear, and ensure efficient engine operation. In addition, hot engine oil is easier to drain completely, reducing old oil residue.   4. Do not 'add a little bit more' when filling the engine oil.   Generally speaking, it is good to add the oil to a little bit above the midline of the oil gauge (about 3cm). Excessive oil will increase the resistance to crankshaft rotation. Moreover, due to the advent of winter, the low temperature will increase the oil viscosity, and the excessive crankshaft rotation resistance will reduce the engine power and cause the equipment to be weak. In addition, excessive addition of engine oil will increase the possibility of engine oil escaping, which can easily cause an increase in engine oil consumption (commonly known as blue smoke), increase carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, and increase the probability of deflagration, which affects the normal operation of the engine. Unnecessary wear and tear of the engine. Therefore, the oil must be added to the specified position, that is, a little bit above the middle of the scale of the oil dipstick, it is enough. 
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