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14 precautions for the selection of electric forklifts for racks

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-03-30
Different warehousing modes require different electric forklifts, and the matching modes achieved are very different in terms of first in first out or first in last out, space utilization, operation efficiency and investment costs. As a large-scale distribution center, the positioning is mainly for goods in and out of service. How to configure electric forklifts is very important to achieve its goals and functions. 01. Forklift tonnage configuration. Mainly include: 1.5T, 1.8T, 2T, 2.5T, 3T; the choice of the purchase configuration depends on the weight of the goods and the highest fork height. Because as the height increases, the maximum safe weight of forklifts gradually decreases. For example, a 2T battery forklift with a height of 5 meters can fork to 2T when operating at a low position, but when the fork reaches a height of close to 5 meters, its safe weight may only be 800KG, or at most 1000KG. Exceeding this weight may cause danger due to overload. This is very important to know and understand. 02. The drive of the forklift. There are mainly battery forklifts and diesel forklifts; as it involves indoor and outdoor operations, two configuration ratios are considered. Relatively speaking, battery forklifts are much less powerful than diesel forklifts. But the battery forklift has the advantages of environmental protection, less noise, small turning radius and low operating cost. Diesel forklifts have the advantages of great power, fast speed and high efficiency. 03. The lifting height of the forklift. Taking into account the needs of warehouse overhead operations, combined with the warehouse height, the lifting height of the forklift from the standard configuration of 3.5 meters, 4.5 meters, 5.5 meters, and 6 meters should be properly considered; usually several combinations are considered separately according to low-level operations and high-level operations In order to reduce the total purchase cost. 04. The height of the forklift. Considering that the forklift needs to work inside the container, the height of the forklift mast is also considered. It is required that the clear height in the container is less than 2.3 meters, and at least two masts are required; however, the lifting height of the forklift and the height of the mast will conflict. The elevation is too high, whether it is a three-section or two-section gantry, the height of the gantry is 2.4 meters, so it is impossible to have both. 05. Considering the accuracy and flexibility of forklift operations, a side shifter is required. 06. The number of tires of the forklift. Taking into account the width of the forklift working channel, in the case of the high-cost reach forklift cannot be purchased, it is also necessary to consider whether to choose three-wheel or four-wheel, the turning radius of the three-wheel is much smaller. 07. The problem of flexible configuration for subsequent use of forklifts. Considering that the cylindrical, large bales and other goods that may exist in the subsequent warehouses need to be operated, that is, to increase the attachments such as holding gear, and consider whether to reserve hydraulic pipelines when the forklift leaves the factory. 08. Tires of forklifts. Consider the problem of pneumatic tires and solid tires. The standard configuration of forklifts is generally pneumatic tires, but they are prone to puncture and are not resistant to wear and increase maintenance costs. Therefore, if the budget permits, you can consider forklifts with solid tires. 09. For the engine problem of diesel forklifts, it is necessary to consider whether it is an imported engine or a domestic engine. This is the core part of the forklift's performance, and there are many brands to choose from, which need to be carefully compared and analyzed. 10. Follow-up maintenance cost issues. The battery forklift also needs to consider whether to choose a DC motor or an AC motor. In the AC, it is necessary to distinguish between full AC and partial AC, because this involves a follow-up maintenance cost issue. 11. Battery forklifts should also consider whether the battery is imported or domestic, maintenance-free or traditional lead-acid battery. 12. Diesel forklifts should also consider whether the exhaust pipe blows to the ground or to the sky. 13. Of course, the brand, after-sales service, and cost-effectiveness of the forklift must be considered. 14. There is also that each supplier will emphasize some technical innovations and designs in some safety protection details of its own products, but as long as the previous is basically set, these are all things considered based on the purchase cost.
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