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3 Ton Manual Hydraulic Pallet Truck Wheel Type

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-11-30

3 Ton Manual Hydraulic Pallet Truck Wheel Type

Manual truck, also known as lithium pallet truck, ground cattle, is a commonly used cargo handling tool. During the walking process of the manual truck, the wheels that are in direct contact with the ground are relatively worn. If the wheels are seriously worn, new wheels should be replaced to ensure that the truck can be used normally.

The types of manual truck wheels generally include: nylon wheels, polyurethane wheels, and rubber wheels.

Nylon wheels have high hardness, good load-bearing, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, insulation, and shock-absorbing properties.

Polyurethane is softer, weaker in strength, and lower in noise, and the overall nylon wheel will be more durable.

The rubber wheel is made of wear-resistant rubber, which has high wear resistance and high temperature resistance. It will take longer to use.

Manual truck wheel replacement method

Manual truck wheel replacement method: When replacing the same size as the original car, first use steel nails to knock out the overhead, then knock out the axle, then remove the wheels in order, and then install them in the opposite order. If the wheel of the manual lithium pallet truck is rusted, the load-bearing wheel should find the hard impact pin, punch out the blade and hollow pin (5%) of the wheel axle, then knock out the small axle and replace it with a bearing. If the bearing wheel is seriously corroded, it must be ground by a grinder. Or change a set. The big wheel is relatively simple, usually use the spring pliers to remove the circlip, and then take out the hammer to hit the big wheel.

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