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5 rust prevention tips for aerial work platforms that you must know!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-07
1. Be aware of small scars on the surface of the aerial platform stacker paint often show rust. Except for rare collisions and scratches, the small stones bounced by the tires during platform operation will also cause small spots on the paint surface to appear for a long time. There will be little rust spots afterwards.   And these small rust spots are often overlooked because they are mostly inconspicuous. Therefore, it is usually necessary to check the car body, the engine compartment cover and the surroundings of the car regularly, and once found, go to a professional beauty shop to solve it in real time. 2. Frequently check the humidity in places where water is easy to accumulate. When driving on high-altitude work platforms, you will inevitably encounter rain, snow, or muddy roads. Sludge is easily stored on the bottom of the car body and the edges of the car. If the car owner cannot stop washing in real time, the moisture will be hidden. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently stop inspections on the inner and outer edges of the wheel, the door, the bottom corner of the trunk, the keyhole of the door, and the flow position of the wiper holder. At the same time, it is necessary to abandon the dredging of the drain holes of the door and the body, and check the interior coverage. The humidity of objects, such as carpets, etc., to avoid rusting of floor components. 3. The soft paint surface is used for glaze sealing. Some vehicles with soft paint surface will also form fine traces during high-speed driving. For this type of car, the car body can be glazed, it can form a strong maintenance film in a net shape, improve the hardness of the paint surface, and the result can be given up for about a year. And the coating can also achieve a similar effect. In addition, the chassis at the bottom of the vehicle can prevent the chassis armor or plastic, which can protect the chassis from acid rain and corrosion, so that the original maintenance layer is not easy to crack and fall off, and it can also avoid the impact of small stones on the chassis during driving.  4. Paint touch-up pen can solve the pinch marks.    If the rust is not very serious, you can first use a very fine water sandpaper dipped in water to slightly grind the rust spots, but do not grind indiscriminately at the destination, and grind in the same direction. After wiping, apply a layer of primer. If there is a new scratch, you can indirectly apply a primer after wiping it off.   In the future, if the vehicle is equipped with a small can of original paint, you can wait for the primer to dry, then smooth it with water and sandpaper, and apply the original paint on top of the primer. If there is no original paint, you can buy a touch-up pen and stop painting with the touch-up pen. Although this kind of solution is not as good as going to a beauty shop, if it is a small or unobtrusive scar, it can also prevent the rust from spreading and aggravating. 5. Apply toothpaste to prevent rust temporarily.   Use ordinary toothpaste to solve it. When a new small wound is found, apply a circle of toothpaste to the scratch. Don't forget to apply it again after it rains or washes the car. This can generally increase the scratch marks, and can also simply cut off and avoid rust, which will be no problem in a short time. Specially red car paint, the results are the most remarkable.
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