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9 safety operating procedures for rail-mounted aerial work lifting platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-18
The guide rail type aerial work lithium pallet truck platform is mainly driven by hydraulic power to complete the operation. With the improvement of the lifting equipment, the manufacturer has also introduced very standard operating procedures. The following editor will introduce to you: 1. The application unit should arrange a special person Operate, and work out channel application details and safety precautions based on the situation of their own units, and hang them in a prominent position. 2. It is necessary to equip professional drivers and operators for high-altitude work lithium pallet truck platform operations, and pass special training, pass the examination, and take the post with a certificate. 3. The driver must carefully check whether the electrical system, hydraulic and mechanical system of the channel is normal before daily operations, check the working range of the working channel, and remove obstacles that hinder the reversal and walking of the channel vehicle. And empty up and down several times to check for faults and abnormal phenomena. 4. The driver can start the electric pallet lift truck freight elevator after closing the movable doors at both ends of the protective fence before operation, to prevent the lifting channel from operating when the protective fence movable door is open. In case of special circumstances during operation, the emergency stop switch can be used to stop, but During normal operation, stop using the emergency stop switch to park the vehicle. 5. The driver shall be responsible for supervising the distribution of the items transported by the channel on the table as evenly as possible to avoid partial load and prevent overloading. 6. When the driver is working on the aerial work lithium pallet truck platform, he shall stop leaving his post and perform wiping, smoothing or repairing operations on the channel. When the operation is over, the driver should block the power supply and fill in the shift record. 7. When there is a problem with the channel or abnormal operation, the maintenance personnel should be notified immediately to repair it. If it is found to be dangerous or possible to form a personal mechanical problem, the operation should be stopped immediately, the total power supply of the computer room should be blocked, and the management department should be reported to be corrected and implemented Can be used after detailed inspection. 8. Operators should fill in smooth grease regularly every week, and check the wiring regularly to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. 9. If this rule conflicts with national or professional rules, it shall be implemented in accordance with national or professional rules.
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