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A brief introduction to the use of electronic forklift scales

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-24
The electronic lithium pallet truck scale is a kind of weighing and measuring instrument for the loading equipment to weigh the loaded materials during the loading process. The electronic forklift scale can provide the accumulated value of the material being weighed and the printed list. This article introduces some precautions for the use of electronic forklift scales by Anhui Electric .   1. It is strictly forbidden to use the lithium pallet truck scale as a pallet truck.   2. Before using the electronic scale, place the weighing platform firmly and make the three corners of the scale touch the ground. Improve the stability and accuracy of the scale.  3. When the meter is out of power, a battery undervoltage symbol will appear, so you should charge it immediately. This will ensure the battery's service life. Charge for 10-12 hours for the first three times to ensure that the battery is fully activated, and then charge for 4-6 hours each time. Damage to the battery will affect the life of the battery in the meter and the stable performance of the meter display.  4. When the meter displays garbled characters, first check whether the connector is loose and the data cable is not damaged. If the cable and connector are okay, simple correction can generally solve the problem. ) There are detailed remarks in the simple calibration manual 5. When using the goods, try to clear the goods as much as possible, and do not exceed the range of use when weighing. If you find that the electronic scale is abnormal and does not belong to the above symptoms, please contact our after-sales service department For maintenance.
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