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A new revolution in green industrial handling equipment led by electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-12
Forklift is a very common storage and handling equipment, which is widely used in modern large-scale distribution centers. Although the efficiency of traditional gas-fired forklifts is still very high, due to exhaust gas emissions, it will cause very large pollution to the storage environment. Electric forklifts use clean energy to achieve zero pollution and zero emissions. With the rapid development of modern logistics industry today, electric forklifts will gradually replace internal combustion forklifts and become green storage and handling equipment. In foreign countries, the warehousing and logistics industries have higher environmental requirements, and the use of electric forklifts is also very common and has been very common. Especially when handling materials with high environmental requirements, clean equipment must be used to keep the storage environment clean. tidy. In China, there are still many people who don't know much about electric forklifts. Many people may one-sidedly think that electric forklifts have insufficient power, slow speed, and low work efficiency. In fact, this is not the case. The design of electric forklifts is the same as that of traditional internal combustion forklifts. The hydraulic oil is transferred from the tank to the cylinder to change the pressure to achieve the function of lifting goods. For the warehousing and logistics industry, there is basically no difference. The equipment is suitable for electric forklifts with different material handling requirements. It can easily lift electric forklifts of 1.0 tons, 1.3 tons, 1.5 tons, 1.6 tons, 1.8 tons, 2.0 tons, 2.5 tons, 3.0 tons, and 3.5 tons, which can meet storage requirements. Requirements for the handling and lifting of goods in the logistics industry.  The speed of electric forklifts is not worse than that of traditional gas forklifts. Its normal driving speed can reach up to 145,000 meters per hour, which is more than enough in warehousing, logistics and transportation. It is especially suitable for the transportation of materials with high environmental requirements such as food, medicine, and cold chain. Today, with the rapid development of large distribution centers, electric forklifts are becoming more and more popular among people after all, and they will also lead the new green revolution in logistics, warehousing and handling.
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