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A summary of high-altitude operation knowledge-effectively prevent high-altitude fall accidents

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-04
High-altitude working platform project handling 1. In the engineering process planning and operation process, try to reduce the frequency and time of high-altitude operations. 2. The work items that can be implemented on the plane should be completed on the plane as much as possible. 3. Change operating methods and improve process methods to reduce risk factors, replace high-risk operating methods with high-safety operating methods, and use advanced tools and equipment to replace performance equipment. 4. Standard scaffold erection, strengthen the safe handling of scaffold erection and dismantling operations, strictly follow the job guidance during the erection and dismantling process, check the qualifications of construction personnel and protective equipment, and conduct on-site supervision and safety clarifications. Strict scaffolding operating procedures and skills requirements. 5. Strengthen the inspection and handling of scaffolding. It is necessary to pass the three-level safety inspection before use to prevent the use of overweight and overload. The erected scaffold shall not be changed at will. 6. Strengthen the daily safety inspection of scaffolding and related operations. The application department should arrange personnel inspections every day to eliminate the safety hazards of scaffolding in time. 7. Strengthen the safety protection of adjacent operations. It is necessary to wear life jackets for adjacent operations. 8. Strictly perform high-altitude operations. Five must have 'there must be fences on the edges, the holes must be covered, there must be fences without cover, there must be nets, there must be protective measures when there is electricity, and the elevator must have doors.' 9. When the operator enters the work site and climbs up and down the ladder, it is necessary to walk the designated safe passage, and loose the handrails together with both hands. 10. For projects involving grade-crossing operations, risk pre-assessment should be carried out, safety disclosures and guardians should be performed, and safety nets or partitions should be set up between the two floors of straight-crossing operations to block them. 11. The substantive safety requirements of overhead vehicles must be strict, maintenance and inspection must meet the requirements of national standards, and the daily maintenance, inspection, and regular inspection of the vehicle must be done well. The vehicle must be in good condition and the operator must obtain the corresponding special equipment operation. Qualifications, strictly prevent unlicensed operation, and severely prevent overload and disease operation. Operating environment for high-altitude work platforms 1. The upper and lower ladders must have a strong structure, guardrails, and frequent inspections to ensure safety and reliability. High-altitude ladders should have several channels in the middle. 2. The holes in the construction production area should be covered with covers or fences, symbols should be made, and there should be satisfactory lighting. 3. It is necessary to install protective fences on various aerial work surfaces. 4. It is necessary to set up passages at high places to be safe and reliable, which is convenient for construction, easy to walk and avoid. 5. It is necessary to draw up a safety plan for high-altitude operations in adverse environments such as night and severe weather, perform safety measures such as lighting and monitoring, and stop high-altitude operations when safety cannot be guaranteed. Construction personnel of high-altitude operation platform 1. It is necessary for personnel engaged in high-altitude operations to improve safety awareness through safety education and training, and earnestly abide by the operating regulations and on-site safety regulations. 2. It is necessary for personnel working at heights to do pre-employment physical examinations, and to prevent those with contraindications such as heart disease, hypertension, epilepsy, etc. from engaging in high-altitude operations. 3. Personnel working at heights must be equipped with qualified labor protection equipment and wear them correctly as required. All levels of management personnel shall supervise and check the use of construction personnel’s protection equipment, and educate and urge those who do not use or incorrectly use them. correct. 4. Carrying things, materials and other objects must be insured to prevent throwing up and down. High-altitude operation platform management personnel 1. All departments should implement the risk operation site supervision guidelines, pay attention to the safety management of the operation site, actively carry out risk investigation and management, and combine on-site inspection with key prevention and control, so as to achieve timely detection, timely rectification and timely Eliminate the risk of accidents. 2. Draw up and improve various management standards, regularly arrange the recall and study of the management standards, strengthen the implementation of the various standards, and ensure the useful operation of the standards.
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