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About the failure analysis of the micro switch of the handle of the small electric forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-07
Small electric forklifts will have a handle that can control the lifting and forwarding of the forklift. This handle contains some circuits. The circuit can directly control the motor to complete some actions of the forklift. These forklifts include electric stackers and electric pallet trucks. With such a handle, the mainstream design in China is: there are various buttons on the handle, including four buttons for horn, parking, forward and backward, and a vertical rotation control system is designed on the handle, which can easily control the forward and backward of the forklift. When there is a problem with the handle micro switch, how can we detect the failure? So the first thing that comes to mind is circuit failure. Of course there are other situations. First, if the contactor does not close, it may be sucked up and not put down or put down but not sucked up. First, use a small hammer to quietly hit the contactor to reset the contactor. Second, the electronic control question, the electronic control has an indicator light that flashes, normally every 4-5 seconds, if it is not a normal flash, other flashings are also regulated, such as: flashing three times in a row and then flashing again, all have rules of. Third, the motor is in doubt. Maybe the motor coil is burned out, maybe check whether the motor wire is short-circuited, or the motor rotor is disconnected. This generally means that the dynamic of the electric forklift motor can be heard but the car does not move, or it may be on the motor rotor. The gear is off, the gear in the electric forklift or gearbox is worn, and the carbon brush of the motor is short or too dusty to short-circuit the connection. Fourth, the orientation of the micro switch under the handle is not correct (the orientation of the micro switch is dispatched). There are six wires in the Hall accelerator in the handle. The black wire and the yellow-green two-color wire of the 9-core jack of the electric forklift are measured. The electric pallet truck presses down the handle and rotates the selector wheel. There is a voltage change indicating that the positioner accelerator is working normally! If not, you must communicate! Fifth, the accelerator in the handle is burned or damaged, communicating with the accelerator locator, TL.FL.WL.TLB. The double line of the brake and the wheel selection of these vehicles are synchronized actions. When the electric forklift rotates the wheel selection, you can hear the electromagnetic brake loosening. When you turn on, you can hear the dynamic of the electromagnetic brake when you stop spinning! Sixth, the electromagnetic brake is locked. Normally, when you press down on the handle, you can hear the dynamics of the electromagnetic brake being sucked and loosened. If the electromagnetic brake is locked, the screw for scheduling the electromagnetic brake is generally loosened by one turn. Sometimes the car can still walk normally but the speed is flat and slow. In this way, other electrical appliances of the electric forklift will have a fever or burn out due to excessive current. Seventh, simply do not trek or evacuate, the electric forklift explains the wiring harness in the handle, check the blue and white wiring harness, only trek without evacuation or only evacuate without evacuation.
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