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Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic transmission of aerial work lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-01
The hydraulic transmission requirements of the aerial work lithium pallet truck platform: 1. The hydraulic transmission uses liquid as the working medium, and leakage cannot be prevented during the relative movement of the hydraulic components. Coupled with the liquid compressibility, it is difficult to achieve a strict transmission ratio. 2. Liquid viscosity is closely related to temperature. When the viscosity changes with temperature, it will directly affect leakage, pressure loss and flow through components. Therefore, hydraulic systems should not be operated at very high and very low temperatures. 3. The energy in the hydraulic system needs to be transformed twice, so the transmission power is low. Operational reliability is not as good as electric and mechanical transmission. 4. The production precision of hydraulic components is required to be high. Use and protection require certain professional knowledge and a high level of skill. The cause of the problem is more difficult to determine. Generally speaking, hydraulic transmission has many advantages, but its shortcomings cannot be ignored. In order to improve its competitiveness, hydraulic transmission skills have always been continuously developed. With the support of modern technology and scientific and technological achievements in related disciplines, hydraulic skills have been continuously developed, so that its defects have been gradually overcome, performance has continued to improve, and the field of use has continued to expand. Hydraulic transmission skills will be more widely used.
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