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Advantages of AC all-electric stacker in practical application

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-23
AC-type all-electric stacker generally means that the motor used by the stacker is an AC motor, and the all-electric pallet truck is used in workshops, warehouses, and upstairs operations. Long-distance transportation, both single-sided pallets and double-sided pallets can be used. The advantages of electric pallet trucks are that the pallet trucks are small in size, easy to posture, and flexible in operation. They are the first choice for business units. With a lifting height of 6.5 meters and a load capacity of 2 tons, it is one of the most widely used stackers in the warehouse. The AC motor is mainly composed of an electromagnet winding or distributed stator winding to generate a magnetic field and a rotating armature or rotor. The motor is made by using the phenomenon that the energized coil rotates in a magnetic field. The use of AC motors in all-electric stackers can improve work efficiency, without smoke, dust, odor, environmental pollution, and low noise. Because of its series of advantages, it is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, transportation, national defense, commerce, household appliances, and medical electrical equipment. The principle of an AC motor: the energized coil rotates in a magnetic field. Do you know the principle of a DC motor? The DC motor uses a commutator to automatically change the direction of the current in the coil, so that the direction of the coil's force is consistent and continuous rotation. Therefore, as long as the force direction of the coils is consistent, the motor will continue to rotate. This is the application of AC motors. An AC motor is composed of a stator and a rotor. In the model, the stator is the electromagnet and the rotor is the coil. The stator and the rotor use the same power source, so the direction of the current in the stator and the rotor is always synchronized, that is, the direction of the current in the coil changes, and the direction of the current in the electromagnet also changes. According to the left-hand rule, the coil The direction of the magnetic force remains unchanged, and the coil can continue to rotate. Regarding the function of the two copper rings: the two copper rings are equipped with two corresponding brushes, and the current is continuously sent into the coil with energy. The advantage of this design is that it avoids the winding problem of the two power cords, because the coil is constantly rotating. If two wires are used to supply power to the coil, the two power cords will be twisted. Regarding the current in the coil because it is alternating current, it is the moment when the current is equal to zero, but this moment is too short compared to the time when there is current, not to mention the mass and inertia of the coil, and the coil will not stop due to the inertia. The AC motor generates a rotating magnetic field in the stator windings according to the characteristics of alternating current, and then makes the rotor coil do the motion of cutting the magnetic induction line, so that the rotor coil generates an induced current. The induced magnetic field generated by the induced current is opposite to the stator magnetic field. The rotor has, the torque of rotation. The AC-type all-electric stacker has gained a firm foothold in the future warehousing industry, and the application of AC motors has also brought a larger market for stackers.
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