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All-electric pallet stacker faults and troubleshooting methods!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-02
The all-electric pallet stacker is mainly able to handle the problem of goods being stacked or unloaded from high places, and it can also be used as a short-distance goods transfer. It is one of the most frequently used warehousing equipment in the field of logistics warehousing. In the daily high-frequency application process, the all-electric pallet stacker will have various problems. The editor listed some of the more common shortcomings for us, we can understand. 1. Shaking during lifting 1. Air enters into the lifting cylinder, which can be lifted and raised repeatedly to sweep the air;   2, the hydraulic system shows oil leakage, which can be dealt with by repair or replacement;   3, inner mast, improve The size of the rollers and bearings of the frame are excessively worn, so you need to replace them;   4. The tightness of the two lifting chains is different, and the tightness can be adjusted;    2. The charger cannot be charged 1. The charger does not show anything, it may The fuse is blown, and only needs to be replaced;   2, the charger's power indicator light is on, this may be the internal fuse is broken or the resistance wire is broken, and the rectifier tube is burned out;    3. Can't raise and lower 1. Control If the micro switch inside the switch is loose and may fail, the reset switch spring is loose, and only the locking screw is needed;   2, the hydraulic valve oil circuit is blocked and needs to be cleaned;   3, the DC contactor wiring used for lifting may be loose and may fail; Fourth, the speed of decline is very fast. The flow rate of hydraulic valves is mostly small. Interchange the slow flow valve, 'large is fast, small is slow'. 5. The battery has a short operating time. Battery electrolyte is lacking, and distilled water or lead-acid needs to be supplemented; The battery is aging, and new batteries need to be replaced.
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