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All-electric stacker trucks show their talents in the logistics industry

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-20

The all-electric lithium pallet truck adopts a multi-function integrated structure, which integrates energy, transmission and braking. The electric and drive wheel axles are combined into one. The structure is compact and the energy is powerful; the electric stacker has intelligent charging function , Automatically adjust the charging current and automatically stop charging when full, which improves the convenience of electric stacker charging; manual stacker is designed with anti-split valve, when the oil circuit is split in unexpected places, the split valve will block the hydraulic oil The loop makes the fork of the lift truck stay at a constant height and will not quickly land, which improves the handling safety of the manual stacker.

For the stacker, the vertical logistics movement is the first to end, and then the loading and unloading, stacking, stacking and short-distance transportation can be ended. The stacker is also a logistics truck and stacker, which will be logistics equipment in the future. The advantage is clearly greater than the truck. The International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC110 calls the stacker a property vehicle. As the backbone of logistics equipment, forklift trucks have extremely wide prospects for commission. The country has already included logistics properties as part of the Twelfth Five-Year Rejuvenation Property Plan, fully demonstrating the huge role of logistics in improving social efficiency products; the logistics industry has been regarded by various trading giants as an industry alongside e-commerce commissions; Yu Shiwei, man In the past, in lectures and training, the logistics property commission was given a high evaluation. You have blood, I have blood vessels, and logistics determines the unevenness of all social operations.

In the 21st century, the logistics industry needs to put useful materials and protect the earth's environment at the top of the commission, and establish a new, effective information flow from production to disposal, and a recurring organic logistics of materials. system. Nowadays, all the Kyoto cities across the country are trying their best to make the expansion of organic logistics the focus of the logistics industry, and take the initiative to carry out the special technology research of organic environmental protection logistics, such as the logistics system and logistics movement planning and decision plans, although they adopt plans to reduce environmental pollution. , Such as the use of electric stackers with small emissions.

The stacker, the logistics truck, and the stacker in one, will surely become a proud player in the logistics equipment market. Yu Shiwei said in the past: logistics, carrying service quality, and logistics functions. The prosperity of trade will inevitably shift the core competitiveness of enterprises to skills, innovation, and service. Logistics, as a hub for comparison in trade, will be important Quality has a long-term effect.

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