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Analysis of stable traveling of high-speed accompanying electric forklift and improvement of structure

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-20
The forward direction of the lithium pallet truck in the accompanying state is opposite to the forward direction of the engineering operation. In the accompanying state, the forklift is towed by the main vehicle, the traction rod is connected to the rear axle, and the steering system is driven to realize the steering action. Virtual Prototype for Driving Stability Analysis For the first round of prototype vehicles, a CAE model for simulation analysis of the compatibility of the suspension system of the accompanying lithium pallet truck with the entire vehicle is established based on ADAMS 12.0.0-a functional virtual prototype.   That is, the application of the software shields the complicated and difficult mathematical derivation process, and replaces it with vivid three-dimensional animation display, so that researchers can focus more on the engineering problem itself, rather than its mathematical tools. In order to analyze the driving stability of the whole vehicle, the virtual prototype requires the structure, positioning parameters and mass, inertia, stiffness, damping and other dynamic characteristic parameters of the body, suspension, steering, transmission system, and tires. These parameters are mainly obtained through experiments.   For the data that cannot be tested under the current conditions, it may be estimated using empirical formulas, or replaced with similar model parameters. Among them, the moment of inertia of the vehicle body (sprung load) is estimated based on an empirical formula, and the tire stiffness and damping characteristics are replaced by the corresponding tire data of the American model. For parts with complex geometric shapes such as leaf springs, under the premise of ensuring quality accuracy, the geometric shape is simplified to a relatively simple structure, and its mass, center of mass, and moment of inertia are calculated by the software according to the geometric shape and material properties. On the one hand, the original design of the prototype did not consider the wheel alignment parameters of the usual car (wheel camber/toe, kingpin inclination/rearward). Therefore, the steering wheel does not have 'self-aligning' when in a traveling state. Ability, small external incentives will cause obvious steering instability. On the other hand, the prototype adopts a 'transverse leaf spring' structure, which is prone to lateral relative movement between the body and the axle. Under the premise of relatively insufficient roll angle rigidity, the coupling of the two can easily trigger 'snaking'.   The simulation results after structural improvement show that the “straight and stable speed” and the “limit speed in curves” of the lithium pallet truck being towed have fully met the requirements of high-speed maneuvering and reached the domestic advanced level. Test verification A comparative test was carried out to improve the stability of the front and rear sample vehicles at high speed. The sample in the test verification summarizes the physical sample of the improved simulation result. The PCM3132 automobile dynamic tester is used to measure the low-frequency acceleration signals of the vehicle body lateral, vehicle body vertical, vehicle bridge lateral, and vehicle bridge vertical on a certain level of highway. During the measurement, the sample vehicle is towed in a straight line (limited to conditions, no curve test), The vehicle speed should be kept as low as possible for tactical maneuvering requirements. In order to eliminate the influence of the difference between the front and rear test environments, the 'amplitude ratio' of the vehicle's horizontal vibration amplitude and the vehicle's and axle vertical vibration amplitudes at the same frequency is analyzed. It can be seen that the improved vehicle's horizontal vibration of 0.688Hz, Most of them did not cause the same frequency vibration of the axle, and the horizontal/vertical vibration amplitude ratio was also reduced by 1 to 2 orders of magnitude compared with the improvement. Further comparison, it can be seen that the overall trend of the improved vibration energy distribution is more dispersed and shifted to the high frequency direction.
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