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Analysis of the measures to be taken to maintain the characteristics of the forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-03
Eliminate the leakage of the oil supply system in time. Leaks in the fuel supply system include oil leakage from the internal and external pipelines and joints of the fuel injection pump, which directly increase the consumption of fuel. Therefore, once a leak is found, the cause should be immediately investigated and eliminated in time. Regularly maintain the lubrication system. Reasonably select lubricating oil according to the operating environment temperature to ensure that the diesel engine has good lubricity and sealing properties to reduce its own power loss and fuel consumption. Clean the cooling system regularly, check and adjust the tightness of the fan belt. When the diesel engine is working, the cooling water and water-cooled screw unit should be kept within the range of 8090, so that it is conducive to the full combustion of fuel, the improvement of thermal efficiency, and the reduction of fuel consumption. Forklifts are often running at a low speed or even without running and the engine is running at a heavy load. The engine generates a large amount of heat and has poor heat dissipation conditions, and the phenomenon of excessive water temperature is very likely to occur. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the cooling system regularly to keep the water channel unobstructed; clean the radiator fins of the water tank and the surface of the engine to keep the air route unobstructed; adjust the fan belt to avoid slipping and affect the effect of forced air cooling. Regularly check and clean the coarse filter and fine filter of hydraulic oil. Lifting and transporting goods are the two major tasks of forklifts. The lifting and tilting of goods is completed by hydraulic systems. The brake, steering, clutch and other mechanisms in the lithium pallet truck are equipped with hydraulic boosters to make them flexible and light. When the lithium pallet truck is running, the fuel consumed by the hydraulic system accounts for more than one-fifth, or even one-half, of the total fuel consumption of the lithium pallet truck. If the coarse and fine filters are blocked, the resistance of the oil circuit will be large, the load of the oil pump will increase sharply, and the oil consumption will increase. Therefore, the coarse filter and the fine filter need to be removed and cleaned regularly. Check the travel power transmission clutch regularly. Forklifts are machines that fork and transport goods at close distances. The stop-and-go changes frequently, and the frequency of use of the clutch is very high. For the friction plate clutch, the friction plate wears fast, which easily causes the clutch to slip and the engine power cannot be fully effective The ground is transferred to the walking device, which increases fuel consumption. Therefore, the free clearance of the clutch and the intact condition of the clutch disc must be checked regularly. Adjust or replace it in time to ensure that the clutch does not slip. For forklifts that use torque converters for power transmission, the torque converter’s force transmission effect should be checked regularly, and hydraulic oil should be added to the torque converter in time to ensure transmission efficiency. In short, reasonable use and maintenance of forklifts can not only reduce the failure rate of forklifts and extend their service life, but also greatly reduce fuel consumption and save energy.
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