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Analysis on common failures of electric power system of electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-26
It is inevitable that the electrical system of electric stackers may have problems. It is inevitable that mechanical equipment will have problems after long-term use. These shortcomings may be encountered in electric storage equipment such as electric stackers and electric pallets. We can follow Check the reasons below in time, if you can’t handle it, our company’s professional after-sales personnel will come to you for repairs. 1. The fault phenomenon of excessive charging voltage: the light bulb is easy to burn during the engine operation, and the battery electrolyte is consumed too fast. Use the DC voltage file of the multimeter to measure the voltage value at both ends of the battery or generator. If it is higher than the standard value, indicate the charging voltage Too high. Reason: The operating voltage of the regulator is out of regulation or has shortcomings. 2. Failure phenomenon of low charging voltage: During engine operation, the charging indicator flashes or the ammeter swings around the zero position. Use the DC voltage file of the multimeter to measure the voltage across the battery or generator. If it is lower than the standard value, indicate it The charging voltage is too low. Reasons: The operating voltage of the regulator is out of regulation or has shortcomings, the transmission belt is too loose, and the internal stator, rectifier, rotor and other components of the generator have shortcomings. 3. Failure phenomenon of non-charging: When the electric lithium pallet truck engine is in normal operation, the charging indicator light is on or the ammeter indicates the negative value direction, indicating that the generator is not generating power and the battery is not charging. Reason: generator failure, regulator failure or electrical circuit failure, etc.
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