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Analysis on some common problems of domestic electric forklift manufacturers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-07
There are many brands of electric forklifts in China, and I will not list them one by one. However, these domestic electric forklifts (including imported brand electric forklifts) have inherent problems that cannot be solved: 1. The battery life is unstable. Most brand electric forklifts on the market, Due to technical limitations, lead-acid batteries are generally used, and some Japanese brands use nickel-metal hydride batteries. However, the life of these batteries has been verified in the market for so many years. No matter how good the production quality is and pay more attention to maintenance, the total life of 1 to 5 years cannot be lost. This is determined by the technical route. Life expectancy (generally depreciated by 10 years), the battery can not run away after 3 times of replacement, and the more you use it, the more you use it. 2. The maintenance of the battery is troublesome and the battery charge is slow. I originally thought it was inconvenient to write, but in actual use, it is definitely not an exaggeration to say that it is troublesome. For all brand electric forklifts on the market, due to severe heat release during charging, for safety reasons, the normal operation must be to use another forklift to lift the battery out for charging. Take the most common lead-acid battery as an example. First, when the power is used below a certain threshold (usually less than 20%), the battery must be lifted, the battery cover is lifted, and distilled water is added, and then it can be used for up to 6 to 8 hours. The charging process. The charging must be fully charged, and it must be almost completely used up when using it. Adding water and electrolyte must be in accordance with the time and the amount. The hydrogen is released during the charging process. Be careful not to damage or even hurt the workers during the lifting process (such safety accidents abound), not to mention trouble No way. In addition, the charging time is as long as 8 hours, and the continuous operation of the factory must be equipped with spare batteries, which will increase the cost. 3. The so-called 'not enough power' during use. This situation is generally a domestic electric pallet truck. Due to the insufficient power of the supporting motor, there will often be disadvantages such as failure to climb and poor weightlifting; even the imported brands , Limited by the low discharge efficiency of lead-acid batteries (between 53% and 85%), occasionally insufficient power may occur, and insufficient lifting height affects normal production. The market for electric forklifts has a lot of room for development, especially in terms of environmental protection. 1. Environmental protection The emissions of diesel internal combustion forklifts have always been criticized by the industry, and the emissions are not up to standard. Especially for environmentally-friendly enterprises, closed workshops require electric forklifts. Although individual companies will use LPG forklifts, it is too difficult to add LPG in the country. At the same time, the purity of domestic liquefied gas is not up to the standard compared with Europe and the United States. 2. Conventional maintenance electric forklifts are easy to maintain. Basically tidy up the hydraulic oil and clean the equipment, and the cycle can be 1,000 hours. Daily maintenance only needs to add distilled water. But for diesel internal combustion forklifts, basically 250 hours. It needs to be maintained once. Oil, air filter, etc. The cost is not low, and it takes a long time. 3. Economic comparison The daily operating expenses of trams only need to be charged and replaced with distilled water (this cost is negligible). Generally, the electricity fee for a domestic brand 3 ton tram is about 35 yuan per shift, while the internal combustion vehicle basically has to be allocated to 150-200 yuan. 4. Warehousing and other industries Now warehousing and logistics have developed to a high level. Front-moving, three-way forklifts, electric stackers, electric pallets, etc. are all electric forklifts. From the perspective of the forklift industry data, the domestic electric forklifts are growing significantly, while the internal combustion forklifts are basically 3 tons. However, in some special vehicles, such as large-tonnage internal combustion forklifts of more than 10 tons, internal combustion diesel vehicles are still the mainstay in the short term. manufacturers believe that the above problems will be solved within three years with the development of the industry!
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