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Answers to questions about electric forklifts, applicable to any brand of electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-04
1. When is the best time to add battery water to an electric forklift? Use an electric forklift to check the battery water during normal daytime work for 3 months. If you use an electric pallet truck, check it once every 1-2 months. The liquid level must not be too low. It can be supplemented with distilled water or purified water (the original filling liquid and tap water cannot be added). 2. If the positive and negative poles of an electric forklift are connected reversely, what kind of damage will the electric forklift cause? In general, a circuit protection is installed in the forklift, and it will not cause damage to the circuit board if it is connected. If there is no protection, it will definitely burn , But not necessarily the whole version is broken, some components may be burned. 3. How to weld the battery pile of the electric forklift? You can use solder to remove the dirt on the terminal and apply the solder paste. In addition, apply the solder paste to the wire to be soldered (also remove the dirt), and then use the electricity first. Use a soldering iron to hang tin on the end of the wire, and then use an electric soldering iron (it must have enough power, at least 150W, the power is too small to melt the terminal but the battery slot is burned due to too long) to heat the terminal until the terminal melts, and Put the wire head on the terminal and heat it at the same time. When you see that the solder is shiny (taking away the soldering iron when it is not shiny will form a false solder), take the soldering iron away, keep the end of the wire as still as possible, and blow it with your mouth to cool it It can be used after it is cooled. In addition, there is a casting method, which is more troublesome and requires a mold. 4. In which environments are electric forklifts generally suitable for work? Suitable for indoor and storage operations; the main advantage is that there is no smoke and dust emissions, The noise is small, which improves the working environment of employees, and the cost of electricity is much lower than that of oil; the disadvantage is that the price is more expensive than fuel vehicles, and the initial investment is more; 5. How to install the 12v electric fan of the electric forklift? If the forklift light is used 12V can be used directly with this power supply, if it is not possible to directly take the 12V power supply from the battery or use a converter to convert the voltage to 12v. 6. What type of hydraulic oil is used for electric forklifts? No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil 7. Electric Does the forklift have a scale? Electric forklifts generally do not have a scale, but the computer on the truck will analyze the real-time load based on the data fed back by the sensors. 8. One of the battery packs of the electric forklift is broken. Can it be used if the battery pack is folded down? It can be used after training with a wire, but during use it will cause other malfunctions due to insufficient power. You can go to the place where the forklift battery is made, buy a good monomer and then connect it back. 9. Why does the electric forklift have 4 carbon brushes? Increase the number of better contact with the rotor 10. How long does the new electric forklift change the differential oil? Electric forklifts generally need to be maintained in about a year. Replace the oil and clean the battery. Under the whole vehicle maintenance? 11. The horn of the electric forklift is broken, and the new one does not sound? This situation is generally: horn filter problem. 12. Will the electric forklift explode if it takes too long to charge? The charger is automatic and will stop automatically when it is fully charged, unless there is a problem with your charger, and it is a counterfeit charger, and brand chargers have fault shutdown protection. 13. What are the reasons why the electric forklift prompts that the seat switch will not move? It may be that the wiring harness is in poor contact, please check it with a multimeter or call the manufacturer's after-sales service directly. 14. What is the difference between an electric forklift battery and an electric sightseeing car battery? Forklift batteries use lead-acid batteries, and sightseeing vehicles use lead-acid batteries, but they are different. The batteries of sightseeing vehicles are smaller. 15. What should I pay attention to when electric forklifts work in low temperature environments? It is best to add more antifreeze to the hydraulic oil.
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