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Anti-freezing measures for electric forklift batteries when the temperature is low in winter

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-06

1. Riding assistance, extending battery life

Under normal circumstances, the road section will be relatively stable when traveling in the city. However, in winter, if you encounter up and down slopes, you need to accelerate or decelerate skillfully to avoid frequent braking and acceleration. Especially for downhill sections, use inertia as much as possible, and cut off power in advance to keep coasting. When encountering a red light, you can enter the taxi in advance to reduce the burden on the battery and ensure that the battery saves electricity, so that the battery life of the battery forklift in winter will be longer.

2. The battery is fully charged and can be charged as you use it.

As a battery forklift user, battery life has always been a topic of concern to everyone. So in winter, if your battery forklift finds that the battery runs out in winter, you must charge it in time to avoid using it at a loss. In addition, if conditions permit, the anti-freezing measures of the battery should try to keep the battery of the battery forklift fully charged for travel, avoid halfway out of power, or power failure in cold weather, which will lead to a 'road killer' and a safety hazard.

3. Batteries are also afraid of cold, and it is necessary to keep warm

When traveling in winter, people will feel cold, let alone electric forklifts. As the core power component of the battery forklift, the performance of the battery is closely related to the temperature. Among them, the battery's excellent ambient temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. In the cold winter temperature, it is necessary to increase the charging voltage of the battery forklift battery to ensure the charging time, avoid long-term charging, and keep the battery warm and anti-freeze.

4. The battery is waterproof and moisture-proof

In winter, we often find that glasses have a layer of water vapor. Similarly, when the battery of the battery forklift enters the room from the outdoor low temperature, the surface of the battery will also appear frost. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with the frosting of the battery in time, dry it in time, avoid water and moisture, avoid short circuit caused by damp components, and cause the risk of battery leakage. You should wait for the battery to dry before charging.

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