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Application of high-altitude lifting platform in exterior wall thermal insulation construction

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-29
In recent years, with the continuous emergence of high-rise building structures, high-altitude lifting platforms have also been widely used in engineering construction and have become the most widely used in high-rise building structures. It is a device that improves workers, tools, and materials through a platform. The use of this equipment is of great significance and effect on improving construction technology, construction efficiency and construction period. 1. Overview of high-altitude mechanical construction In the current social development, with the continuous development of the national economy, various high-altitude operations have repeatedly appeared, which has become one of the most important research topics in the entire construction project. As the main method of building construction, aerial work plays a very important role in the integrity and function of the building. However, in traditional engineering projects, due to the influence of various factors, there are some hidden dangers and construction defects in the construction of various projects, which are likely to cause casualties of construction personnel. Under the influence of certain quality, a complete and comprehensive work mode and work process have been formed. Compared with developed countries, China's high-rise mechanical structure analysis has some shortcomings and defects, and there are some problems in the selection and use of various construction equipment and construction equipment. 2. Analysis of common high-altitude operating machinery In the current construction projects, various high-level projects are emerging, especially in recent years, the introduction of new technologies and new equipment has promoted the improvement and optimization of high-rise building construction machinery. At present, we generally have analysis of various high-rise building construction machinery, the main types of common operating basket height, construction station height and lithium pallet truck platform. With the rapid development of China's construction industry, various high-rise buildings are emerging in endlessly. High-altitude lifting platforms are currently widely used in the construction of low-rise buildings. Due to its reasonable construction requirements and strict platform classification, it can be used for long-term construction. This is in the process of construction. In recent years, mast-type lifting platforms have provided more options for the installation of external wall insulation boards, and are divided into two types: single-mast lifting platforms and double-mast lifting platforms. The double-mast lithium pallet truck platform system is pre-installed on the standard mast foundation on the ground, the mast is installed on the base, and the platform climbs along the mast. The staff will operate on the platform, and when the platform reaches a certain height, the mast will be connected to the upper platform. At present, there are more and more varieties of high-altitude lifting platforms at home and abroad. It has become a very large industry, and an International Organization for Standardization has been established. In recent decades, with the development of society, high-altitude operations have gradually moved towards large-scale operations, improving the direction of construction safety and awareness, and making every link of the manufacturing industry specialized and refined.
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