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Application of high-altitude lifting platform in live working

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-03
All bottom teams are looking for technical support for high-altitude operations that can reduce the difficulty of operations, facilitate operation, and are efficient and safe. The on-board insulation scissor high-altitude operation method for power distribution maintenance can be used for daily maintenance operations. Through the high-altitude operation method, the operation interval can be shortened, labor intensity can be reduced, and the efficiency and accuracy of the operation can be effectively carried out to ensure the safety of on-site operators. Scissor-type aerial work route planning When planning the high-altitude operation route for power distribution and maintenance on-board insulation, it is necessary to summarize the factors such as the load-bearing talent and the height of the operation demand. The editor is willing to give you a brief introduction so that you can use it better. First of all, continuous generalization of planning, selection and accounting, must be reasonable path planning parameters, so that the path can be adapted to the equipment on the 0.5t pickup truck that is standard for the power operation and maintenance team, and the lifting height can meet the daily operation requirements of power distribution maintenance. Second, consider the safety of the insulated scissor-type aerial work method to ensure the stability of the equipment on the vehicle and avoid shaking and other phenomena during the high-altitude operation. Third, consider the applicability of the approach, adopt a reasonable maintenance method to end the anti-corrosion and moisture-proof function of the approach, and plan together insulating pads and work approach protection fences that meet the requirements to ensure the personal safety of the operators. In addition, it is also necessary to plan a suitable protective cover for the route to ensure the protection of the route during transportation and storage, and try to avoid the corrosion of the mechanical structure and the decline in the function of the insulating pad caused by long-term exposure to the air. After detailed selection, the scissor hydraulic lift was chosen as the basis for the vehicle-mounted insulated aerial work. The scissor-type aerial operation method has the characteristics of stable and compact structure, large carrying capacity, low defect rate, reliable operation, safety and efficiency, and simple and convenient maintenance. It has been obtained in modern logistics, elevated work platforms, aviation loading and unloading, and large-scale equipment manufacturing and maintenance. widely used.
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