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Application of manual hydraulic truck in factory relocation

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-12-02

With the gradual expansion of the scope of urban construction in my country, some manufacturers located in the urban center need to be transported to distant suburban areas. In China, handling companies will use various tools such as handling tanks or manual pallet trucks to transport equipment.

Factory relocation is a very cumbersome and complex project. Due to the large number of equipment to be relocated, the moving company will classify the items to be moved and specify a detailed relocation plan. For oversized equipment, cranes, chain hoists and other tools will be used. Come and hoist it onto a truck. For some mechanical equipment that is placed on the ground and is small in size and tonnage, a manual pallet truck will be used for direct transportation.

In addition to determining the handling tools, it is also necessary to measure and mark the handling equipment to avoid damage to the goods.

In recent years, many factories in Shijiazhuang, such as garment factories, tobacco factories, textile factories, cement factories, and wood-based panel factories, have completed the relocation work. The addition of tools adds power to the handling work and improves work efficiency.

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