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Are electro-hydraulic forklifts considered special equipment?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-04
Semi-electric pallet fork is one of the important factors. It affects the price of semi-electric pallet truck. The general standard length is applicable. If you need a wider one, you can negotiate the demand with the merchant. The hydraulic cylinder is the main component of the manual hydraulic semi-electric pallet truck. You must focus on observing the type of the cylinder, whether it is an integral cylinder or a welded cylinder. The wheels of semi-electric pallet trucks also want to be investigated carefully. The materials produced by the wheels have a great influence on the use effect and service life, especially when the ground conditions are not good. The versatility of electro-hydraulic forklifts is also improving, and the handling platform allows users to give full play to the efficiency of the equipment itself and complete more work without increasing investment. More attention will be paid to ergonomics, and the operating comfort of electro-hydraulic forklifts will be improved. Forklifts are special equipment, so semi-electric hydraulic forklifts are also special equipment. The principle of the hydraulic pallet truck is: the diesel fuel is first delivered from the fuel tank to the diesel filter, then to the oil pump, the fuel pump delivers the fuel to the head, and explodes on the piston, causing the piston to move continuously, and the power is transmitted to the main shaft below, and then drives the gear The rotation is transmitted to the flywheel, and then to the gearbox, driving the gears inside to rotate, until it is connected to the wheels, so that it moves.
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