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Battery Powered Pallet Jack – The Literal Jack of All Trades

Battery Powered Pallet Jack – The Literal Jack of All Trades


The world has massively evolved in the past few decades, and every aspect has seen a new and better version of itself. One such aspect is machinery and its associated technologies too.

Machines from the past were very different and much less efficient than what we know today. Evolution is constantly happening, and we are still seeing a new turnover in machinery every few years. The most recent and much-loved machinery in recent times is a warehouse speciality – better known as battery powered pallet jack.

These jacks have made lifting and loading much more manageable and have become an integral part of any warehouse. If you plan on buying the electric pallet truck but are hesitant, this article will help you make up your mind.


Staxx- The Leading Provider of Battery Powered Pallet Jack

Battery Powered Pallet Jacks are one of the best introductions in the world of lifting equipment. However, while the machines are impeccable, finding the proper manufacturer that gives its features enough justice is also essential.

The company started in 2012 and has produced some exceptional quality equipment and grown along with the evolution in technology.

Its battery electric pallet truck is based on lithium-ion technology, which makes it efficient and serves many other purposes. Want to know what makes a lithium-ion pallet jack from Staxx a significant investment to make? The reasons below will help you understand just that.

Why Buying Battery Powered Pallet Jack is a Great Idea?

With years of experience and acquiring the changing evolution of times, Staxx holds a lot of experience in this machinery business. The company is operating for a long time and specializes in several machinery fortes.

Hence, when the time to launch a battery-operated pallet jack came, the company knew the exact factors to focus on. Some prime factors which set the pallet jacks from Staxx apart are:

1. Move Around Load up to 2000 kg Easily

For years manual or hand pallet jacks were used in the warehouse business. However, carrying loads up to 2000 kg was not a one-person job, and operating it led to many health concerns.

Hence, the production of battery operated pallet jacks has not only helped workers carry heavy loads far more efficiently but has also helped employees avoid serious health concerns due to excessive loads.

2. Easy to Operate

The battery operated pallet jacks are extremely easy to operate and hence will be a beneficial aspect to add to your warehouse machinery. The easy operation of the machine would enable your employees to get a hold of it quickly.

Moreover, its swift glide and strong motor skills would make carrying even heavy loads efficient around your working space.

3. Fits your Budget

With machine or battery operated equipment, many people instantly assume a hefty price. However, this case is very different from the Staxx battery pallet jack. 

The best part about an electric pallet truck is that it will fit your budget. Hence, if you have a short budget, we suggest you still check it out; who knows, it might fit in the financial frame you have set for yourself.

4. Compact Size

Another significant aspect of this pallet jack is its moderate and compact size. The ideal size makes it a perfect investment for any workspace, and you will not have to worry about it fitting or to take a lot of space in your warehouse. The machine is ideal for passing through narrow lanes and will come in great handy.

5. Powerful Performance

Compared to traditional batteries, lithium-ion batteries charge faster, operate longer, and have a higher power density, eventually giving it an ideally long battery life.

Moreover, lithium-ion in Staxx battery-operated pallet jacks tends to hold more energy and voltage. This eventually reflects the machinery's performance and makes it powerful compared to others.


Investing in an electric pallet truck is ideal for many warehouses and businesses. This equipment might be new in the machinery world, but it has undoubtedly been taken by storm. If you liked the Staxx lithium operated pallet jack.

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