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Can the battery of an electric forklift really be repaired?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-25
Can the battery of an electric forklift really be repaired? It sounds really new! In the world of electric forklifts, batteries can be described as the source of power for electric forklifts, and they have a wide range of applications. But with the use of time, the life of the electric pallet truck battery will also be reduced. Hangzhou forklift will take you to explore: whether the battery of electric forklift can be repaired. First of all, we must understand that not all damaged electric forklift batteries can be repaired. For example, a battery that is vulcanized due to over-discharge or under-charge during use can be repaired. For vulcanized batteries, generally, a charger with an equalizing function can perform equalizing directly. It is impossible to directly repair the battery of an electric forklift whose active material on the plate has fallen off, short-circuited, or broken grids, unless it is cleaned by a professional to see if there are any missing pieces, broken grids, or missing welds. Just find and replace it with a new one, but this will not have much effect on prolonging the service life of the battery. Non-professionals should not disassemble and repair the battery of the electric forklift at will, so as to avoid contact with the skin and breathing, which will lead to lead poisoning after a long time. It is impossible to achieve a certain high-tech repair machine widely promoted in the market. Because the electric forklift has a battery pack, the volume and ease of use are relatively large, and some users do not understand the maintenance methods of the battery, which can easily cause the battery. The 'sulfurization' of the battery will affect the surface active material reaction of the battery plate, causing the phenomenon of short-circuit and smoking of the single-cell 2V battery. Generally, a single cell 2V battery has a short-circuit phenomenon and must be replaced, because even if the charge and discharge repair is performed, the faulty cell battery cannot be restored to the balance with other battery packs. At this time, those products under the banner of high-tech, such as XX battery repairing instrument, will be used in the market of electric forklift battery repair, claiming that it can be repaired, and under the lure of magical products, they also advocated that they can make You join to make a lot of money! If you believe it...what's the result? 'Drunkard's intention is not to drinkIn short, it is not to help you repair the battery of an electric forklift! If you want the battery of an electric forklift to be well maintained, you need to use snacks!
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