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Causes of forklift noise and precautions

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-15
Some drivers have found that after driving for a long time, the forklift will be noisy after a period of time. How does the forklift noise occur? What are the precautions for operating the clutch to avoid noise?  1. Reasons for the noise problem of electric forklifts  1. Check whether the rolling gap between the guide wheel, the roller and the mast is too large. Whether the cooperation gap between the fork and the fork beam is too large, these factors will cause the electric pallet truck to produce a lot of noise when in use.  2. The gap between the chain and the chain pin is too large, or the gap between the upper and lower nails of the fork and the cross beam of the fork is too large.  3. The fasteners are loose, and the guide wheels and rollers of the car body are severely worn, resulting in a large gap.  二. Precautions    1. When the electric pallet truck is driving without using the clutch, do not put your feet on the clutch pedal, so as to avoid the semi-linkage of the clutch, which will affect the power transmission and aggravate the wear of the clutch plate, release bearing and other parts.  2. Whether it is a high gear shift or a low gear shift during driving, it is forbidden to shift gears without collapsing the clutch.  3. Frequently check and maintain the gap between the release lever and the release bearing, and check and refuel the clutch release bearing, seat, sleeve, etc. on time. There are many reasons for the noise of electric forklifts. The staff should drive the forklift to the parking lot facilities for special investigation and find the cause, so as to solve the problem of heavy forklift noise from the source. The staff should pay attention to it during operation and try to avoid it. The generation of noise.
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