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Characteristics and Application of Hydraulic Oil for Lifting Platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-20
The hydraulic oil of the lithium pallet truck platform is divided into the following categories according to different environments and needs: HL, HM, HR, HV, HG, HS, etc. HL type, with rust and oxygen resistance, is used in low pressure oil system, usually used more such as: hydraulic machine tools, excavators, etc., can be replaced by HM oil; HM type is anti-wear hydraulic oil, compared to HL The oil improves the abrasion resistance and can be used in low, medium and high hydraulic systems, as well as in the lubrication of medium-loaded machinery. Of course, this type of hydraulic oil can be replaced by HV; HR type, compared with HL hydraulic oil type, has improved its viscosity-temperature property. It is usually used in situations where the ambient temperature changes greatly and working conditions are harsh, such as: outdoor factories, ocean-going Ship etc. HV can be used instead; HV type, compared with HM, has improved its viscosity-temperature resistance, and also has abrasion resistance, and is suitable for use in cold environments. It is used in environments with large environmental temperature differences and harsh conditions. It is also used in outdoor factories, Used by ocean-going ships. You can use HS instead; HG type, with anti-skid, anti-sticking and creeping properties, used in systems with both hydraulic transmission and sliding surfaces; HS type, is a synthetic oil, the same as HV oil, and the operating temperature is higher than HV It is even lower, with synthetic hydrocarbon as the base oil, which has a low pour point and good annual temperature, and is used for operations in high-cold areas in special environments. Since the temperature in most parts of our country is between -25°C and 40°C, HM type hydraulic oil can be used. Oily liquids may become thin or thick with changes in temperature. Appropriate viscosity and good viscosity-temperature performance can ensure that hydraulic components get good lubrication, energy transfer, anti-corrosion, cooling and sealing under the conditions of changes in working pressure and working temperature. After repeated experiments by our company’s technicians, it is concluded that HM46# hydraulic oil is used in summer; HM32# hydraulic oil is used in winter. Changing the appropriate hydraulic oil can guarantee the normal operation of the equipment to a greater extent, and can prevent the equipment from malfunctioning due to inapplicable oil. Due to the large area in our country, the difference between the north and the south is large. In the cold winter in the north, if the lifting platform is used in severe cold areas, HV hydraulic oil is required.
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