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Checking method for insufficient power of electric stacker forklift starter

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-08
When the electric forklift truck is started, the starting motor and the engine are rolling, but the engine is running slowly and unable to start. This type of fault is generally performed on the electric stacker forklift to determine the reasons: Check 1: whether the battery voltage is sufficient. The fault removal method: charge the battery of the electric stacker lithium pallet truck or replace the new battery. Check 2: Whether the overcharge of the starting motor is enough, whether the cable is heated, check whether the two copper ends of the cable are loose. Fault removal method: Press the two copper ends of the cable, and replace the cable with a thicker section. Check 3: Whether the internal bearings of the starting motor are worn or too loose, and whether the rotor and stator are rubbed. Fault removal method: replace the bearing of the starting motor and increase grease. Check 4: Whether the carbon brush of the starting motor is worn too much, whether the copper head of the rotor is ablated or dirty, etc. Fault removal method: replace the carbon brush of the starting motor and clean the copper head of the processed rotor. The power system of the electric pallet truck truck is classified as a relatively complex component. If the reason cannot be determined by self-inspection, the manufacturer can be contacted for a harmonious treatment.
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