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Classification of rail type aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-17
The rail-mounted aerial platform stacker is a non-scissor-type electric pallet lift truck freight elevator, which is mainly used for the transfer of goods between the second and third floor workshops, restaurants, hotels, basements, and warehouse floors without pits and machine rooms.   Rail chain type aerial platform stacker features: 1. Better economy. Less purchase price and protection costs, no need to build a special computer room, saving construction budget. Safe and reliable. The hydraulic system is equipped with overload protection and pipeline explosion-proof safety valves to prevent the way from falling to fully ensure work safety. 2. The structure is stable, the carrying capacity is large, the standard size and selection of the route are large, the lifting is stable, the installation is simple, and the protection is convenient. It is an economical and useful low-floor room to replace the elevator, and is an ideal goods transport equipment for completing the lifting of goods. 3. Convenient operation. Control buttons can be set between each floor and on the way to complete multi-point control.   Rail-type aerial work platforms are classified according to their lifting drive origin:    is divided into two types: hydraulic rail type and wire rope rail type according to their lifting drive origin. The hydraulic rail type uses a hydraulic power unit and uses hydraulic cylinders as the primary power to drive the lifting and lowering of the freight elevator. When the rail-type hydraulic freight elevator fails, the work can be stopped immediately. The safety and stability are high. The drive of the hydraulic power unit makes it With strong carrying ability, it can complete the transportation of large tonnage goods. The wire rope guide rail type completes the lifting of the elevator freight elevator through the pulling of several wire ropes. This kind of guide rail hydraulic elevator freight elevator often leads to the inclination of the elevator way due to the tightness of the wire rope, and the stability and safety are poor. The wire rope pulling is capable It is limited and can only be used for the transportation of small tonnage goods. Therefore, the wire rope guide rail type elevator freight elevator is increasingly replaced by the hydraulic guide rail elevator freight elevator.
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