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Common technical parameters of electric stackers and the meaning of industry terms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-15
Extra load: The extra load of electric stackers and electric pallet trucks means that when the distance between the center of gravity of the goods and the front wall of the fork is not greater than the distance between the center of the load, the maximum weight of the allowable increase is expressed in tons (tons). When the weight of the cargo on the fork exceeds the conventional load center distance, the weight of the fork should be reduced correspondingly due to the longitudinal stability constraint. Load center distance: The load center distance refers to the horizontal distance between the center of gravity and the vertical front of the fork when the cargo is placed on the fork, expressed in mm (mm). Regarding the 1t electric stacker and electric pallet truck, the regular load center distance is 500mm. Maximum lifting height: The maximum lifting height refers to the vertical separation between the upper surface of the cargo fork and the top of the fork when the tall vehicles and electric vehicles are fully loaded on a flat and solid ground. Mast inclination angle: The angle of the portal frame refers to the maximum inclination angle of the dump truck on flat ground and the relative vertical or vertical position of the gantry frame. The function of the front angle is to facilitate the fork and unloading of the cargo; the function of the inclination angle is to make the cargo slide from the fork when the stack is full/stack. Maximum lifting speed: The maximum lifting speed of a full/semi-electric stacker usually refers to the maximum lifting speed of goods when the forklift is fully loaded, and is expressed in m/min (meters/minute). Increasing the maximum lifting speed can increase the operating power; however, if the lifting speed exceeds the limit, cargo damage and machine damage accidents are prone to occur. At present, the maximum lifting speed of domestic forklifts has increased to 20m/min. Maximum travel speed: The forward speed of the forklift has a great influence on the working capacity of the forklift. The weight of 1t full-load forklift does not exceed 17m/min. Minimum turning radius: When stacker cars and electric vehicles are driving at low speeds and in all directions, the minimum distance between the outermost and innermost turning centers of the body is called the minimum outer turning radius Rmin and the minimum inner turning. The radius Rmin. The smaller the minimum lateral turning radius, the smaller the area required for the forklift to turn and the better the maneuverability. Minimum ground clearance: The minimum ground clearance is the distance between the lowest point and the ground. It is fixed on the car body and indicates the stacking height and the ability of the electric van to jump over the ground uplift. The greater the minimum ground clearance, the higher the passing performance of the forklift. Wheelbase and wheelbase: The wheelbase of electric stackers and electric pallets refers to the horizontal spacing between the center lines of the front and rear axles of the forklift. Tread refers to the distance between the centers of left and right wheels on the same axis. Increasing the wheelbase is conducive to the longitudinal stability of the lithium pallet truck, but the length of the vehicle body increases and the minimum turning radius increases. Increasing the tread is conducive to the lateral stability of the forklift, but it increases the overall width of the body and the minimum turning radius. The minimum width of the right-angle passage: The minimum width of the right-angle passage refers to the minimum width of the passage that intersects at right angles for the reciprocating movement of the stacker and the electric pallet truck. Indicated in mm. Generally, the smaller the minimum width of the right-angle channel, the better the function. Minimum width of stacking aisle: The minimum width of stacking aisle is the minimum width of the aisle when the electric stacker and electric pallet truck are in normal operation.
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