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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of electric forklift and hydraulic pneumatic forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-10
Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of electric forklifts and hydraulic pneumatic forklifts: 1. The short operating time and long charging time of electric forklifts are generally not competent for multi-shift operations (of course, you can consider using 2 to 4 battery packs to solve the problem); Battery forklifts can only be used on roads with good working conditions; acceleration and startability are significantly worse than that of internal combustion engines; the most important thing is that the customer's site needs an excellent environment for charging and discharging in order to prevent the explosion of the battery pack, and it requires timing. Replenish water, otherwise the battery life will be greatly reduced. Comparing the constraints of its application in this way, it is concluded that the cost performance is not higher than that of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) forklifts in some situations. However, if the user does not consider the power at the time of charging and the user's on-site working conditions are very good, electric forklifts are the first choice. 2. Liquefied gas lithium pallet truck: (1) Good emission. Even with the simplest open-loop system, forklifts have greatly reduced exhaust emissions. Compared with gasoline, the use of liquefied gas can reduce CO emissions by 80%, HC by 75%, and NOx has also been significantly reduced, which is beneficial to environmental protection. Active effect. (2) Have a solid security. Because the ignition point of liquefied gas is higher than that of gasoline, the latent heat of vaporization is larger, and it has a self-cooling effect, which greatly increases its safety. The cylinder has undergone physical experiment, hydraulic experiment, explosion experiment, impact experiment, drop experiment, fire experiment, gunshot experiment, immersion experiment, operation experiment, and is equipped with explosion-proof device to ensure safety.   (3) Improve the operation of the engine. Because the main component of liquefied gas is propane, its anti-knock performance is excellent, and the octane number is above 120. It is not prone to knocking and can significantly reduce the noise of the engine. At the same time, because the burning is sufficient, it does not accumulate carbon and greatly extends the engine At the time of overhaul, 50-80% of repair funds can be saved.  (4) Decrease fuel costs, and calculate based on today's oil prices, about 1/2 of the daily savings of diesel costs, and as the country’s fuel tax policy increases year by year, the economic benefits are very obvious.  (5) is conducive to improving the smoothness of the engine. Using liquefied gas as fuel, because the mixed gas entering the engine is a dry mixed gas, it will not show the lack of gasoline atomization when using gasoline, and because there is little carbon deposits during incineration, the smooth condition can extend the service life of the engine. It is more than doubled, which also extends the use of oil at all times and reduces the maintenance cost of the engine.  (6) For dual-lithium pallet truck trucks, the operation time of this type of lithium pallet truck truck is about doubled because of the backup of two fuels. Multi-shift work system that is conducive to customers.
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