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Congratulations to Linde's products, the brother unit of electric forklifts, being shortlisted in the four major FLTA awards

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-30
Headquartered in Basingstoke, Linde Material Handling (UK) was shortlisted for this year's FLTA (European Material Handling Fork Lift Association Excellence Award) in four categories.   The annual FLTA award represents the highest honor recognized in the industry in engineering and design.   Linde has shortlisted products in the four categories of safety, innovation, ergonomics and environment. The winners will be announced at the Telford International Centre in February 2015.   Linde’s safety test sensors are shortlisted in the award categories for safety and innovation. The operator has an independent electronic driving assistance system that can display the load weight of the lithium pallet truck arm, the tilt angle of the fork arm and whether the current lifted height exceeds the specified maximum lift height. Through visual and audible warnings, help lithium pallet truck operators understand when the lithium pallet truck is in the limit position through the parameters displayed on the screen.  The company's new EVO electric counterbalanced forklift has been identified as a potential winner in environmental products. The current EVO series range from 1.2T to 2.0T is designed and produced on the basis of the best new energy. The included settings for driving and lifting parameters are optimized efficiently and effectively reduce the energy consumption of the hydraulic pump. Compared with the previous series, the new power module can save up to 16% in energy consumption due to the integration of the axle.   'All Linde's works have been shortlisted for this year's awards'. Linde’s Commercial Director Andrew Daly said happily, “This is a real'credit card' given to us. We have been shortlisted in all four categories and show our commitment to producing innovative products, which will help improve Operators’ happiness index and help customers improve their cost efficiency.” 'We are looking forward to next year's ceremony, whether we can get these awards or not, we can get a good reputation.'
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