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Cost accounting when purchasing electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-17
As labor costs rise, labor costs in economically developed areas are relatively higher, so more and more users decide to buy forklifts instead of manual labor. Most prospective users still only stay at the 'forklift price' when purchasing forklifts. In fact, the forklift purchase cost accounting is mainly based on the following aspects. ① Purchasing cost; the purchasing cost will be evenly spread over the life of the forklift. Therefore, high forklift prices will lower the average purchase cost due to their longer life. ② Maintenance cost: The actual maintenance cost is not only related to the cost of repairing forklift parts, but also to the failure rate or failure time. A high-quality forklift has a lower maintenance cost due to its lower failure rate. ③ Energy consumption cost; energy consumption cost will vary with forklifts with different power systems, such as electric, diesel, gasoline, and liquefied petroleum gas. ④ Operating labor cost. The labor cost varies with the number of drivers and their total monthly salary. The number of drivers will be reduced due to the use of high-efficiency forklifts. It is worth noting that 1. The operating cost of the forklift (mainly the driver’s salary) is much higher than the procurement cost. Therefore, when purchasing a forklift, attention should be paid to performance rather than price. 2. The comprehensive cost-effective advantage of domestic electric forklifts is outstanding. The average ex-factory price of domestic electric forklifts is maintained at about half the average price of imported electric forklifts.
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