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Current status and future development trend of China's electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-16

Recent status and future development trends of China's electric stackers

China's withdrawal from the national trade organization marks that my country's economy will be integrated into the national economic system. Faced with this opportunity and opportunity falling from the sky, are China's electric stacker companies ready? Do you live and be strong in the opportune time with the nation's strong players? This is a particular concern for the electric stacker industry. The huge market for logistics and warehousing equipment in China and the availability of cheap labor energy are the reasons why many foreign companies want to defend the Chinese market. What is the current situation of my country's electric stacker truck market?

my country’s electric stacker truck market situation:

In order to encourage the development of the small and medium-sized enterprises industry, our country will respond to the The request was also lenient. However, it is not the same in foreign countries, and some developed countries have fairly strict demands on the situation. Developed countries have very high requirements for the situation, which are several times higher than those of ordinary developed countries. Request low purification, low carbon energy and low noise. For the electric stacker truck industry, this is a promotion and another reform. According to statistics from irrelevant parts, China International Fuel Balanced Heavy Duty Electric Stackers'

Internal combustion balanced heavy-duty electric stackers account for about 80% of sales, while the global electric pallet truck sales include electric electric vehicles. The proportion of stackers exceeds 50%.

The distinction between internal combustion electric stacker and electric stacker (electric electric stacker, electric stacker, electric pallet truck):

Internal combustion electric stacker belt The coming fuel costs and the level of social energy mitigation have not yet reached the demand for the electric stacker industry to pursue reforms. From the product point of view, the internal combustion electric stacker has stronger energy performance, driving speed, fork lifting speed, All-electric electric stackers are superior in traction. All-electric electric stacker truck: high-efficiency protection-free AC electromechanical system can ensure longer battery life; dual-drive gearbox oil bath gear, long-term smoothness, low noise, high-performance, temporary protection-free; regenerative braking performance, extension Battery ineffective use time; walking and hoisting machinery adopts full exchange technology, which is more efficient and reliable; intelligent programmable LCD display screen can display fault codes, easy to invent body faults, reduce inspection time, and improve training and maintenance; easy-to-protect brakes The system makes the brakes safer and warmer; the electromechanical system plays a braking role in the process of braking acceleration; the anti-skid braking performance enables the electric stacker to park safely even on slopes.

The smallest tonnage of the internal combustion electric stacker is about 3 tons, and there is a demand for smaller tonnage in the market, so small electric stackers, electric pallets, and electric stackers have emerged as the times require , Because of its small size and sensitive use, it prevents the dilemma of 'killing chickens with a sledgehammer'. Therefore, in the future, electric pallets and electric stackers will inevitably occupy the small-tonnage electric stacker market and become a small electric stacker. Outstanding.

In terms of large-scale electric stackers, because the battery technology of electric stackers has not been broken, so in the future, there will be internal combustion electric stackers to occupy the market' In the “overlord” position, the electric electric stacker has no choice but to shake its dominant position in a short time. There are three reasons: first, although the electric stacker has the disadvantage of energy saving and environmental protection, because of the battery limit, the tonnage is relatively small, and the large tonnage is electric. Stacker trucks can only choose internal combustion electric stacker trucks or propane electric stacker trucks. Second, the price of batteries for electric electric stacker trucks is high. As long as the battery market develops mature, the battery cost can be reduced. At this time, electric electric stackers The vehicle is capable of making the initial 'duel' with the internal-combustion electric stacker, and the electric stacker will win this battle;

The future electric stacker 'Emperor' must be environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and easy to learn. , The operation experience is excellent, the intelligence level and automation level of the electric stacker has become higher, and the electric stacker has strong information connection and resolution capabilities. These are the characteristics of the 'Emperor' of the electric stacker.

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