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Electric cars or electric forklifts are still unable to achieve zero pollution, and cost saving is the kingly way

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-07
Although there are many changes and advancements in energy utilization and operation methods compared with traditional cars, electric forklifts are relatively mature and practical in the field of environmentally friendly vehicles. However, as a vehicle that needs to be consumed, electric vehicles cannot be truly real. Zero pollution in the sense. Lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries commonly used in pure electric vehicles are not permanently used. In order to ensure effective battery life and mileage, the batteries of electric vehicles often reach 600 kilograms. The pollution caused by this 'big fat' battery during recycling and production is not Avoided. With regard to fuel cell vehicles, consultant Zhang Xuan told reporters that fuel cells have been used in the military field for a long time. The development of technology has also made considerable progress and guarantees in the hydrogen storage and protection of fuel cell vehicles. However, due to the current liquid hydrogen The price is very high, so there are not many applications. The environmental issues of electric vehicles are the same as other technologies that are still being developed. is an integral part of the means of transportation that seeks to save energy and environmental protection. Maybe we will drive cars with zero pollution or even no known energy to run on the ground or in the sky in the future. However, under the current technical conditions, whether electric forklifts are pure electric or fuel cells, there are still certain limitations that need to be explored continuously.
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