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Electric pallet truck analysis

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-19

Electric pallet truck fault code 6FB  A0; control system circuit overheating A1; control system circuit overvoltage A2; abnormal temperature rise of CPU board A3; battery overvoltage A4; abnormal accelerometer installation A6; abnormal installation at the beginning of material handling A8; driving driving insurance A9; material handling operation circuit insurance AA; CPU board temperature sensor abnormality C0; main drive circuit abnormality C1; driving current sensor abnormality C2; (7FB driving motor overheating)    C3; control driving driving temperature sensor abnormality C4; driving accelerometer abnormality C7 ; Direction switch abnormality C8; Speed u200bu200bsensor abnormality C9; Regenerative contactor abnormality CA; Vehicle driving contactor drive circuit abnormality E0; Material handling operation main circuit abnormality E1; Material handling operation current sensor abnormality E5; Regenerative diode abnormality E6; Boost potentiometer Abnormal EA; material handling operation/electric power steering drive contactor abnormal EE; microcomputer control system circuit receiving data abnormal EF; CPU board abnormal F0-1; power steering main circuit abnormal F1; display to microcomputer communication abnormal F1-1; display to microcomputer Communication abnormality F1-2; display to microcomputer communication abnormality F1-3; display to microcomputer communication abnormality F6-1; safety timing function F7; cannot start charging F8; cannot complete charging AF; CPU abnormality if it displays EE, AF, F1, it cannot How to use the analyzer

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