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Electric forklift drivers should remember not to drive the forklift in these eight situations

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-07
The safe driving of electric forklifts is more important than the sky! In order to reduce the occurrence of more safety accidents of electric forklifts, as an old forklift driver, you must remember 'eight do not drive electric forklifts'! The South China Regional Headquarters of Electric Forklifts reminds you to pay attention to when driving an electric forklift: 1. Do not drive without closing the door or wearing a seat belt; 2. Do not drive if the safety equipment is not good; 3. Do not drive without a person sitting firmly; 4. Nothing. Don’t drive if it’s installed; 5. Don’t drive if you stand on the pedal (or forklift); 6. Don’t drive if you stand on the frame; 7. Don’t drive if you take over without inspection; 8. Don’t drive if you have over-long, over-high, or overloaded goods; The safety of the electric forklift and the safety of the people around the seat must be strictly implemented in the 'eight non-opening forklifts' of electric forklifts!
energy saving and the application of high-tech integration of mechatronics and hydraulics
The development and application of microelectronics technology, sensor technology, and information processing technology will play a more important role in improving the overall level of the electric pallet truck industry, achieving compound functions, and ensuring the safety, control and automation of the whole machine and system. Obviously, the integration of electronics and machinery, electronics and hydraulics has become closer. For example, the electric front-moving forklift adopts an inductive electronic steering system to provide the operator with variable torque feedback to ensure perfect control performance, and the required steering force is minimal.
Realizing the integration of mechatronics and hydraulics with microprocessor as the core is the main direction for the development of forklift control systems in the future, that is, with microprocessor as the core, the control is developed from local control to networked, so that the whole vehicle can maintain the best work State, realize the intelligent operation of electric pallet truck.
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