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Electric forklift forklift accessories knowledge

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-07
1. The steering system of the electric pallet truck truck is composed of steering equipment and steering axles. 2. The steering equipment of the electric pallet truck truck consists of the steering wheel, the upper shaft assembly, the universal joint, the lower shaft assembly, the bearing, the shaft adapter, the lower steering tube, the steering device, the priority valve, the clamping handle, and the hydraulic switch. The inclination angle of the steering wheel can be adjusted separately according to the requirements. 3. The steering axle adopts the horizontal cylinder steering system, which makes steering easier, more convenient and reliable. 4. Checking and removing common faults of steering system: 1. The steering wheel cannot be turned: Check: the oil pump is damaged or faulty. Sweep: Replace Check: The priority valve is blocked or damaged. Clean up: clean or replace. Check: the hose or joint is damaged or the pipe is blocked. Sweeping: replacement or cleaning 2. Difficult steering operation Check: the pressure of the diverter valve is too low. Sweep: Adjust the pressure. Check: There is air in the oil circuit. Sweep: Sweep out the air. Check: The steering gear fails to reset, the positioning spring is fragmented or the elasticity is insufficient. Removal: Replace the tension spring. Check: The internal leakage of the steering cylinder is too large. Cleaning: Check the piston seal 3. Abnormal noise of the steering system Check: The hydraulic oil level is too low. Removal: add hydraulic oil. Check: the steering gear shaft rack is damaged. Cleaning: Replacement Check: The support shaft is damaged. Sweep: Replace Check: Not smooth. Removal: Add smooth grease. Check: The suction pipe or the oil filter is blocked. Removal: clean or replace. 4. Oil leakage. Check: the steering cylinder sealing ring is damaged or the pipeline is subsequently damaged. Cleaning: Replacement Check: The seal ring at the hub bearing or supporting bearing is damaged. Cleaning: Replace the sealing ring 5. The steering angle of the left and right driving wheels (front wheels) does not match. Check: the controller parameters are incorrect. Clean up: adjust
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