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Electric forklift manufacturers briefly introduce the precautions for driving operation of electric tractors

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-23

The characteristics and use occasions of the electric tractor of the electric pallet truck are analyzed and forecasted on the market demand, and the development trend of the electric tractor technology in the following aspects is analyzed in detail: the walking motor and its controller are changed from DC technology to AC technology Directional development; the development of vehicle communication in the direction of networking has improved the reliability and communication speed of data communication, reduced the cost of the control system, and greatly improved the control level of electric tractors.

The hydraulic power steering replaces the mechanical steering technology, which is easy to operate and has good maneuverability; the braking system develops in the direction of hydraulic power braking, with light braking and fast response; wet multi-disc Brake generation. Before driving, check whether the conditions are normal everywhere. The indicators on the dashboard are normal and whether the battery indicator is sufficient.

Check the starting, running and braking performance. Check whether the lights and horn signals are normal to ensure safety, and the horns, headlights, direction lights, steering gears, brakes, etc. are sensitive and reliable. Check whether the vehicle battery electrolyte is normal? And replenish the electrolyte in time. See whether there is oil leakage or liquid leakage in various parts of the car, and replace the seals in time.

In addition to the above inspections, the electric tractor should also be inspected according to the relevant inspection contents of the battery car. Before driving, you should check the surrounding pedestrians or obstacles to sing to start. When starting, the driver started slowly and smoothly. Driving operations and occupants of the vehicle. Only two people are allowed to sit in the driving seat, including other parts of the driver, are not allowed to ride on the trailer, and all passengers are prohibited.

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