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Electric forklift manufacturers briefly introduce the technical parameters of forklifts for you

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-29

The rated capacity of a forklift refers to the maximum weight of goods that can be lifted when the distance between the center of gravity of the goods and the front wall of the fork is not greater than the distance between the center of the load. It is indicated by T (tons). When the center of gravity of the goods on the fork exceeds the regular load center distance, due to the limitation of the longitudinal stability of the forklift, the lifting weight should be reduced accordingly.

Load center distance: Load center distance refers to the horizontal distance T from the center of gravity to the front wall of the straight section of the fork when standard goods are placed on the fork, in mm ( Mm) indicate. Regarding the regulation of 1T to 4T forklifts, the load center distance is 500mm. Maximum lifting height: The maximum lifting height is when the forklift is fully loaded on a flat and solid ground, and the goods are raised to the highest position, the upper surface of the horizontal section of the fork is away from the forklift. Straight intervals on the horizontal ground.

Mast inclination angle: The mast inclination angle refers to the maximum inclination angle of the mast forwards or backwards relative to its straight direction when the unloaded forklift is on a flat and solid ground. The effect of the forward inclination angle is to facilitate fork picking and unloading of goods; the effect of the backward inclination angle is to prevent the goods from slipping off the forks when the forklift is running with the goods. Generally, the forward inclination angle of the forklift is 3°~6°, and the backward inclination angle is 10°~12°.

Maximum lifting speed: The maximum lifting speed of a forklift usually refers to the maximum lifting speed of goods when the forklift is fully loaded, expressed in m/min (meters per minute). Increasing the maximum lifting speed can increase the operating power, but if the lifting speed is too fast, cargo damage and machine damage are likely to occur. The maximum lifting speed of domestic electric forklifts has been increased to the maximum travel speed: the travel speed has a great influence on improving the operating power of the forklift.

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