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Electric forklift manufacturers: how to choose an aerial work platform that suits you?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-22

As a pioneer in the aerial work platform industry, electric pallet truck manufacturers will give you a few tips: One: Synthesize the information you have investigated and choose a lifting machine with a better cost performance. It must be based on its technical parameters and practicality and versatility. There are usually many types of aluminum alloy lifting machinery, including (vehicle-mounted lifts, fixed lifts, hydraulic lifting platforms, scissor lifts, etc.). Each has slightly different technical parameters and uses, but there are also many functions. Similar places, therefore, as a customer, you have to make a purchase with a purpose, that is, what do you want to buy a lifting machine, and which type of lifting machine can meet your needs and have many uses. Two: The last point is that after the equipment arrives, when opening the box for acceptance, check whether the random technical information is complete, whether the random accessories, tools, and accessories are consistent with the list, whether the equipment and accessories are damaged, defective, etc., and do the unpacking acceptance recording.

manufacturers: manual hydraulic stacker applications and precautions
The manual hydraulic stacker is an environmentally friendly and unpowered loading and unloading machine with compact structure, flexible transportation, simple operation and small turning radius. It is widely used in cargo handling and stacking in workshops, factories, stations, wharfs, warehouses, etc. , It is more suitable for fire and explosion-proof sites. It can realize unitized transportation, reduce component collision, scratches and stacking area, reduce handling workload, and improve handling efficiency.  ①. The manual hydraulic stacker is suitable for indoors with hard and flat floors. It is forbidden in acid and alkali corrosive environments.   ②, read the manual carefully, understand the performance of the vehicle, and check the vehicle carefully before use.  ③. For stacking operations, the center is within two forks. It is strictly forbidden to stack loose goods and overload use, and it is strictly forbidden to stand under the forks or around the vehicle.  ④. The height of the forks from the ground should not exceed 0.5 meters, and it is strictly forbidden for people to work on the forks.  ⑤, the goods should be pushed forward slowly or pulled back slowly when they are higher, no turning is allowed
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