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Electric forklift manufacturers introduce the repair problems of electric forklift horns

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-04
The first step is to always keep the surface of the electric pallet truck horn clean, and the wiring between the parts must be reliable.   In the second step, always check the fixing screws to protect and fasten the speakers and brackets to ensure reliable grounding.   The third step, the fixing method of the electric forklift horn has a greater impact on its pronunciation. In order to make the dynamics of the horn normal, the horn cannot be used as a rigid device, so it is fixed on the buffer bracket, that is, a sheet spring or rubber pad is installed between the horn and the fixed bracket.   The fourth step, always check the output voltage of the electric forklift generator. Too high voltage will burn out the horn contacts, and too low voltage (lower than the extra voltage of the horn) will declare abnormal dynamics.   The fifth step, when cleaning the electric forklift, do not directly flush the horn with water to avoid water entering the horn and causing the horn to not sound.   The sixth step, when inspecting and repairing speakers, pay attention to the orientation of the metal pads and insulating pads, and install them incorrectly.   The seventh step, the horn of the electric forklift shall not be spoken for more than 10s in succession to avoid damage to the horn.
Five steps for disassembly and assembly of solid tires for electric forklifts
The disassembly and assembly steps of the solid tire of the electric forklift: 1. Turn off the engine, make the forklift in an idling state, and park the electric pallet truck on a flat, hard ground. 2. Lower the fork to the ground and stop the wheels with the parking brake. If you change the steering tire, support the jack in the center of the rear bracket of the rear axle. If you change the drive tire, support the jack on the side of the front of the frame. 3. Use a jack to slightly jack up the electric pallet truck so that the tire is still in contact with the ground; first unscrew the bolt that fixes the inflation tube, remove the clamp, and then loosen the hub nut. 4. Fully support the car with a jack, unscrew the wheel nut, and remove the tire. 5. The installation sequence of electric forklift tires is opposite to the removal sequence. When installing the hub nut, the tightening torque must reach the specified value.
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